Mobile Banking Apps

Mobile banking apps are essentially pieces of software that enable users to access their banks’ services via their mobile devices. Mobile banking apps also usually enable 24-hour access to banking services.

Mobile banking apps typically provide users with access to many, if not all, of their respective banks’ services. Some of the most common services provided through mobile banking apps include access to bank account details, such as account statements and account balances; fund transfers to customers’ own accounts or third parties’ accounts; and access to the bank’s support team. More recent apps have begun to integrate mobile wallet services.


Before the advent of the smartphone-enabled banks and financial institutions to craft customized mobile applications for their clients, they had to rely on SMS (text messaging) as their platform. While SMS provided a ubiquitous platform for clients — every mobile phone and carrier service supports basic text messaging — it did have many limitations. For example, SMS’ 160-character limit severely limited the scope of what services banks could offer to their clients. Furthermore, SMS’ basic text-only interface prevented banks from providing their clients with customized interfaces that best suited their corporate identities.

The smartphone brought with it an entirely new technological landscape for banks to leverage. Ever since smartphones were able to accommodate software applications like how PCs could, there has been a steady stream of new mobile banking applications that offer increasingly wide-ranging features. Today, most mobile banking apps mirror their web-based counterparts in providing clients with access to virtually the entire catalogue of a bank’s services. Some apps have even begun to double as mobile wallets.

The Wirex Mobile Banking App

The Wirex mobile banking app is one such app that combines the best of mobile banking apps and mobile wallets including cryptocurrencies, providing you with a Bitcoin and Litecoin wallet that is secured by both two-factor authentication and multi-signature technology.

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