Payment Cards

Today, consumers have many options when it comes to payment cards. And, while cards often offer satisfactory solutions for offline vendors in local currencies, very few provide complete solutions with online and offline payment capabilities, as well as multiple currency payment options.

Wirex Card

The Wirex card not only provides consumers with one of the most flexible payment solutions around, it is also a travel card since it offers payments options in multiple currencies. Equipped with US Dollar, Euro, and British Pounds, the Wirex card is perfect for people who need access to various payment currencies. Moreover, people who receive wages & salaries in multi-crypto have instant access to their funds 24/7.

Chief amongst those currencies are Bitcoin and Litecoin. Loading up a Wirex card with local currency, account holders can convert to Bitcoin or Litecoin, allowing payment in this currency at vendors that accept it, as well as conversion into other currencies.

Virtual Payment Cards

For consumers who make purchases primarily online, or with their phone, few mass-acceptance solutions are available. PayPal is generally regarded as the leading virtual payment method for online purchases while Apple Pay and Google Pay are quickly gaining acceptance worldwide. Exchanging between traditional and cryptocurrencies on the Wirex app is done within a single and simple interface.

Travel Cards

A Wirex Payment Card makes transactions in foreign currency happen simply. With three currency options available, your Wirex travel card can be used at vendors that accept chip & PIN, swipe or contactless payments in USD, EUR and GBP.

For travellers who do not have access to multiple currencies, they can convert their local currency through their Wirex wallet.

Another key benefit to a travel card is that cardholders who are paid by foreign sources can have their foreign-currency payments directed to their Wirex wallet for conversion to a local currency or even Bitcoin and Litecoin. These types of payroll cards are becoming more and more popular as trade agreements between countries facilitate movement of workers across borders. If you’re searching for a card for freelancers, look no more – Wirex card is the perfect fit.

Altcoin Cards

The Wirex wallet has an added benefit of allowing Altcoin to be held for future conversion to Bitcoin or Litecoin. That means that Wirex cardholders can now accept a variety of Altcoin payments: Ether, Monero, Lisk, Ripple, Dash, DAO as well as many others.

Flexibility is Key

As traditional barriers to travel, work, payments and currencies continue to break down, the demand for flexible payment solutions will only increase. Wirex is a payments pioneer and provides low-cost solutions for traditional chip & pin payments cards. Wirex is also an even-lower cost solution for virtual payment cards. Opening an account makes a lot of sense for people who travel, work, and pay, where they need to carry multiple currencies.