Send Funds

Save time and money using Wirex for instant money transfer anywhere in the world via desktop or mobile.

Step 1: Get your Wirex account

To join Wirex all you need is your email, name, and date of birth. You get a free virtual card when you join, as well as the world’s safest multi-sig Bitcoin or Litecoin wallet protecting your money. After you’ve joined, upload copies of your ID and address proof for a quick check and account upgrade and you’re done! I want a Wirex account!

Step 2: Top up your account

After you’ve created an account, you can top up your account with digital currencies right away. We integrated with Shapeshift so we accept bitcoins and all major altcoins! You can also top up with bank transfer, PayPal or other methods after same-day verification.

Step 3: Send your money

Add the recipient’s Wirex address to your contacts, if you haven’t already, and send them a remittance! If they have a Wirex account, that’s it, they’ve got the money. If they don’t, they’ll receive an email from Wirex guiding them to open their own free account. Once they’ve registered, they’ll have the money in their account, waiting for them. It’s as easy as receiving an email. We’re here to help you save money and manage it easily. If you’re ready to pay less while giving more to your loved ones, choose a country found in the drop-down lists below. Click the button and see how much easier it is to send and receive money. Once you’re set up, it takes less than a minute! Take action today. You can save money on money transfers to/from almost anywhere in the world. Here are some examples:

Benefits of money transfer with Wirex

Money transfer services rarely give you the best deal. They often charge huge fees for international remittance. They make it hard to send money abroad. Your friends or family may have to wait days for money to arrive. Your new Wirex account isn’t limited to making purchases online and offline using Bitcoin or Litecoin or any of the three other supported major currencies. With a Wirex account, business owners and individuals can easily send money to third-parties. Sending money using your Wirex account involves adding the recipient as a contact. As long as you have their email address, you can send them money!

Eliminate ambiguity

With traditional wire transfers, sending money can be a stressful experience. Once you’ve provided your bank with a lot of personal information about yourself and the recipient (bank account numbers, bank addresses, personal address and contact information, SWIFT codes and so forth), the money leaves your account and can take upwards of a week (and sometimes even longer) to appear in the destination account. During the traditional wire transfer process, sender and receiver have no idea where the money is; is it 25% into the process or 75%? The lack of transparency results in stress, especially if payment must be received before any goods are released, sent, or manufactured. With a Wirex account, the money reaches its destination immediately… well, as quickly as the recipient can accept it! This means there are no delays pending receipt of funds.

Eliminate fees

Sending money with your Wirex account is exceptionally transparent. Unlike traditional wire transfers that incur fees at the sending, processing, and receiving stages, sending money with Wirex is free. That means if you send $100 US Dollars, your recipient receives $100 US Dollars. In other words, Wirex allows you to say goodbye to the telex fees, administration fees, correspondent bank fees, and process fees that would normally come with sending money!

Eliminate inflexibility

Most traditional wire services operate with a given currency, most often the US Dollar, Euro or Pound (GBP). If your local currency isn’t one of these three, you will incur foreign exchange fees and commissions. With your Wirex account, you can send money using these three currencies, as well as Bitcoin, Litecoin and other altcoins. The biggest benefit to a cryptocurrency such as these is the elimination of conversion and forex fees, increasing the amount of money received at the other end of the money transfer.

Eliminate restrictions

Your Wirex account allows you to send money worldwide. When you open your free Wirex account, you can begin enjoying these benefits and more right away!