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How can you pay for Wirex X-tras?

Wirex X-tras is a great feature that provides exclusive discounts and rewards to its users. If you're interested in upgrading to the Premium or Elite plans, you can easily pay for them using your WXT account. The good news is that the Standard plan is available for free. 

For the Premium plan, you can choose to pay monthly at 9.99 EUR or upfront in full for a year at 102 EUR. Meanwhile, if you go for the Elite plan, you can pay 29.99 EUR per month or 306 EUR for a year. Keep in mind that the payment will be taken in WXT based on its equivalent value in EUR on that day, but it will always equal a fixed price in traditional currency depending on your plan and billing period. 

If your WXT account does not have sufficient funds to pay for your subscription, the payment will be deducted from another account with a positive balance. However, note that a handling fee of 25% will apply if this happens. 

In conclusion, paying for Wirex X-tras is straightforward, and with the option to pay monthly or upfront in full, you can choose the payment method that suits you best. Just remember to make sure you have enough funds in your WXT account to avoid handling fees. 

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