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How to close a Wirex Multiply?

To close a Wirex Multiply position, navigate to the "Grow” -> “Multiply" section in your account. From there, select the desired Wirex Multiply and click the "Close and get" button. Please note that a pop-up message will display all relevant details of the Multiply upon manual closure. 

It may take up to 5 minutes for the closure to be fully processed. The profit or loss is calculated based on the current market price and may differ slightly from the estimate at the time of closure. Additionally, a Rollover fee applies to all Wirex Multiply transactions, which allows for the next loan in the chain to be secured. This fee is calculated from the total borrowed amount across the chain of loans executed for your Wirex Multiply. 

After clicking the "Close and get" button, the platform will close your Wirex Multiply. The invested funds, along with any resulting profit or loss, will be credited to your wallet balance. 

Wirex Multiply auto-closing options 

  • Take Profit: When the invested cryptocurrency reaches the Take Profit level, the invested funds and any profit gained during the Wirex Multiply will be returned to your account. Please note that the Origination, Hourly, and Profit Share fees will apply in this scenario. Take Profit is a manual option and must be set manually on your Wirex Multiply. 

  • Margin Call (Stop Loss): In the event that the cryptocurrency price reaches the Margin Call level, your Wirex Multiply will be closed and any remaining funds (if not a 100% loss) will be credited back to your Wirex account. Only the Margin Call service fee will apply in this scenario. The Origination, Hourly, and Profit Share fees will not apply. The Margin Call is a required field and is set to the maximum value by default, but can be adjusted manually to manage your investment risk. 

  • Insufficient Collateral: In rare cases, the Rollover fee may consume all the liquidity of your position, resulting in the forced closure of your Wirex Multiply. In this scenario, it is possible that the cryptocurrency price will remain flat or decline, but still be above the Margin Call level.  

Please note that the financial result displayed on the "Close and get" button is only an estimate based on the latest available market price. Upon clicking "Close now", the platform will create an order on the market exchange in real-time, taking the next available market price. As a result, the closing price in the platform may differ from the actual execution price. For more information on Wirex Multiply fees and commissions, please refer to the relevant article

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