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How to close your Wirex account

The GDPR grants you the right to be forgotten, which means you can request the deletion of your personal data and account. Personal data refers to any information that can identify an individual, either on its own or in combination with other data or information directly linked to a specific individual. 

To delete your account, you need to submit a request. When you submit a request to delete your account, you confirm that your personal data and account will be permanently erased, and you will not be able to recover or access it in the future. Before submitting your request, make sure to withdraw any remaining funds and complete all transactions on your account, including card payments or transfers. Please note that a request to delete your account cannot be processed if there is a positive balance. 

Once we receive your request, we will complete it within 30 days. However, you must avoid transferring any more funds into your account after submitting your deletion request. It is important to remember that Wirex will only comply with account deletion requests to the extent that we are legally obligated to do so. Depending on your account activity until the date of the request, certain personal data may be retained in compliance with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing regulations that Wirex is subject to.

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