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How to manage your contacts in Wirex

Managing your contacts in Wirex has never been easier with the new ‘Send Money to Contacts’ feature. Whether you want to send crypto or traditional currency payments to your network, Wirex has got you covered. Here’s how you can manage your contacts and use the ‘Wirex Address Book’ to make payments: 

Syncing your mobile device’s contact book: 

To start using the ‘Send Money to Contacts’ feature, you’ll need to sync your mobile device’s contact book with Wirex. Here’s how: 

  • Log in to your Wirex account on your mobile device 

  • When prompted, allow Wirex to access your contacts. 


  • Navigate to the "Dashboard" and tap the "Send" button, then click "Enable contacts permissions". 

Your contacts will be synced with Wirex, and you can start sending payments to your contacts who have a Wirex account. 

Creating your Wirex Address Book: 

If you prefer to have all your contact details in one place, you can create a ‘Wirex Address Book’. Here’s how: 

  • Log in to your Wirex account, either on the app or desktop version. 

  • Go to the ‘Address Book’ section. 

  • Manually add external bank account or crypto wallet details for each contact. 

  • You can also add Personal and Business account details for both businesses and people. 

Managing your contacts in the Address Book: 

Once you’ve synced your mobile device’s contact book or created a ‘Wirex Address Book’, you can easily manage your contacts there. Here’s how: 

  • Click the 'Send’ button from the main ‘Dashboard’ from within the Wirex app. 

  • Tap ‘Add Contact’. 

  • Enter the details of the new contact, including name (required), mobile number, and email (optional). 

  • Choose the currency of the destination account. 

  • Specify the details of the destination account, such as the BTC wallet’s address or SEPA/SWIFT bank account details. 

  • Select the type of bank transfer (local/international) after choosing the corresponding traditional currency. 

  • Specify whether the recipient is a company or a person. 

  • Click ‘Save’ to save the contact in your Wirex Address Book. 

  • If you need to remove a destination account for a contact, simply select the contact and tap the ‘Accounts’. From there, choose the account you wish to delete and click on the 'Delete' icon on the contact profile. Be sure to confirm the action before proceeding. 

To update an existing contact, simply tap on the contact and click ‘Edit’. 

To add a new supported destination wallet, click on the contact, tap ‘Add Account’ and follow the same steps. 

Deleting a contact or destination account: 

  • If you need to delete a contact or destination account, it’s easy to do so in the Wirex app. Here’s how: 
  • If you need to delete a contact along with all its associated accounts, simply select the contact and click on the ‘Edit’ button. Then, look for the ‘Delete’ option in the opened Edit Mode and click on it to complete the deletion process. 

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