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Identity verification: Accepted documents

Verifying your identity is an important step when signing up for a Wirex account. It ensures the security and safety of our users and helps prevent fraud and other illegal activities. In this guide, we will go over the documents that are accepted for identity verification. 

What documents are accepted for identity verification? 

Wirex accepts a range of government-issued documents for identity verification. These documents must include your full name, date of birth, photo, and the document's expiration or validity date. Here are the accepted documents: 

  • A valid government-issued passport (the page with the machine-readable code only) 
  • A valid government-issued identity card (both sides) 
  • A valid government-issued driver's license (both sides) 
  • For non-residents aliens: a work permit, a resident card, or any other identification document issued by the host country. 

Please note that all documents must be in English, and full-color copies are required.  

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