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Loader or load-up scams

When it comes to cryptocurrency transactions, it's important to remember that they are irreversible. Once you send cryptocurrency to a third party's blockchain address, there's no way to stop or reverse the payment. This means that you need to be absolutely certain of the legitimacy of any third-party services or merchants involved, and only send cryptocurrency to entities that you trust. 

The bottom line is, if an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

One type of scam to be aware of is the loader or load-up scam. Fraudsters may offer "loading" services on various platforms, claiming that they need access to high-limit Wirex accounts and offering victims a portion of the proceeds. However, these scammers are actually perpetuating payment fraud using stolen credit cards on compromised accounts. The end result is that the victim is left with payment delinquencies once the legitimate cardholder discovers the fraud. Additionally, the scammer may steal any available cryptocurrencies and submit unauthorised charges on verified payment methods. It's important to remember that you are responsible for any payments submitted using your authentication credentials. 

It's crucial that you never provide your passwords or security codes to third parties under any circumstances. 

If you come across a "loader" scam, be sure to report it to Wirex as well as the platform where the fraud is being advertised. By staying vigilant and taking appropriate precautions, you can protect yourself from loader scams and other forms of financial fraud.

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