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Reporting phishing sites

Phishing is a malicious attempt to trick you into giving away your sensitive information, such as your passwords, credit card numbers, or personal details. If you think you've come across a phishing site that mimics Wirex's login page or prompts you to reveal any sensitive information, please report it to us immediately. 

To report a phishing site, please follow these steps: 

  • Take note of the phishing site's URL or web address. 
  • Submit a ticket to Wirex and provide as much information as possible about the phishing site. This should include: 
  • The URL or web address of the phishing site 
  • The date and time you visited the phishing site 
  • The type of information that the phishing site requested from you 
  • Any other relevant details that may help us investigate the issue 
  • Attach a screenshot of the phishing site to your email if possible. 
  • Send your email and wait for a response from our team. 

What happens next? Our team will investigate the phishing site you reported and take the necessary steps to prevent further harm. This may include: 

  • Taking down the phishing site 
  • Issuing a warning to our users about the phishing site 
  • Contacting law enforcement agencies to take legal action against the perpetrators 

We take phishing attempts seriously, and we appreciate your help in reporting any suspicious activity. Remember to always be cautious when entering your sensitive information online, and if in doubt, double-check the URL or contact our Customer Support team for assistance. 

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