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Step-by-step guide: How to prioritise currency and account preferences for your Wirex card

When you make purchases, funds are deducted from your accounts according to the account’s currency and priority order that you can set within the app. To prioritise the account currency for purchases, you can set a priority order within the Wirex app. Follow these steps: 

  • Open your Wirex app and log in to your account. 

  • Tap on the 'Cards' tab at the bottom of the screen. 

  • Tap on 'Linked Accounts' under the 'Card Settings' section. 

  • You will see a list of all the accounts linked to your Wirex card. To rearrange the account priorities, tap on the grey parallel bars next to the link/unlink toggle for the account you want to move. 

  • Drag and drop the account up to increase its priority or down to decrease it. The account at the top of the list will have the highest priority, and the account at the bottom of the list will have the lowest priority. 

Once you have rearranged the account priorities, tap on the 'Save' button to save your changes. 

The priority you set will help determine which account will be charged when you make a purchase. Most of the time, this will be the account in the same currency as the transaction. However, if the appropriate currency account does not have enough funds, then the system will check the billing currency account for sufficient balance before deciding which account to charge. The billing currency for the European Economic Area is EUR, GBP for the United Kingdom, AUD for Australia, SGD for the APAC region, and USD for the United States. and only then decide which account to charge based on the priority you’ve set. Your billing account will always take first priority if there are insufficient funds in the primary matching linked account. 

For example, if a user from the European Economic Area is buying goods in GBP, and their GBP account doesn't have enough funds to cover the purchase, the system will check their EUR account next based on the priority set. 

You can change the account priority order at any time in the app to suit your financial needs or preferred currency for transactions. If you encounter any issues or concerns, contact Wirex Customer Support for assistance. 

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