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Step-by-Step guide: Wirex card refunds

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to process refunds for your Wirex card, including the three main types of refunds: failed/cancelled transactions, merchant refunds, and chargebacks. 

Failed/cancelled transaction refunds: 

When a transaction fails or gets cancelled, the authorised funds are released within 14 days. This is an automated process and cannot be sped up. Here are some common situations where this may happen: 

  • ATM did not dispense cash or there was a glitch 
  • Merchant rejected the transaction 
  • Small amount authorised to confirm card validity for subscription services or payment systems like PayPal and ride-hailing apps 


If you have successfully paid for a product or service but did not receive what you paid for, the merchant may agree to refund the money upon request. These refunds take 5-14 days to process. Here are some common situations where refunds may be necessary: 

  • Goods or services not received 
  • Booking canceled by the merchant or host 
  • Tickets returned for travel 

You will see two different transactions in your transaction history: the original successful transaction (debit) and a separate refund transaction (credit). To locate funds quickly, ARN (Acquirer's Reference Number, 23-digits) can be helpful in case you did not receive the money within 14 days. 


In rare situations, you can request a chargeback when you tried to get a refund from the merchant but they refused, or when you cannot unsubscribe from a subscription service. You can also request a chargeback when the ATM did not dispense the money, or when you did not authorise a transaction you see in your account. To process a chargeback, follow these steps: 

  • Request a Dispute Form from the Wirex Customer Support team 
  • Fill out the form accurately with relevant information such as your communication with the merchant, ATM receipts, and any other relevant information 
  • Wirex will forward the form to the card issuer for further investigation 
  • If your chargeback rights are confirmed, you will receive a refund to your card. 

Here are some things to keep in mind while processing a chargeback: 

  • You can only dispute successful transactions (authorised and failed transactions cannot be disputed) 
  • You can only dispute transactions made within the last 100 days 
  • You cannot dispute transactions made with gambling services 
  • The chargeback process is slow and may take up to 120 days in some situations 

If you need any assistance or have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Wirex Customer Support. 

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