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Technical support and impersonation scams

Wirex, like many other companies, has become a target for fraudsters who set up scam Customer Support phone lines to deceive and manipulate unsuspecting victims into providing personal information that can be used for fraudulent purposes. These scammers impersonate various industries, including finance, tech, retail, telecom, and service, as well as regulatory bodies. These phone numbers can be found on the Internet or used for outbound calls to potential victims. 

Scammers are skilled in social engineering, making false claims to manipulate their targets into providing personal information. To avoid falling victim to these scams, it is crucial to follow these guidelines: 

  • Never give remote access to your machine to Support staff or anyone else. This would give the scammer access to your computer, online financial accounts, and digital life. 
  • Never disclose your 2FA security codes or passwords. Legitimate Wirex staff will never ask you to provide sensitive authentication credentials. 
  • Never accept outbound calls requesting your confidential personal information. Scammers can spoof legitimate phone numbers, making it difficult to determine whether the call is genuine or not. 
  • Only contact Wirex through the email provided on their Contact Us form. 
  • Do not send cryptocurrency to external addresses on behalf of alleged Support agents. Legitimate Wirex staff will never ask you to send cryptocurrency to external addresses. 

Following these guidelines can help protect your personal and financial information from fraudsters. Always be vigilant and cautious when dealing with requests for personal information or financial transactions. If you believe you have been targeted by a scammer, contact Wirex immediately using the official channels provided on our website or app. 

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