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Troubleshooting: Verification issues

At Wirex, we take account verification seriously to ensure the safety and security of our users. However, we understand that some users may encounter issues during the verification process. In this article, we will go through some common verification issues and how to resolve them. 

Issue 1: Verification documents rejected 

If your verification documents have been rejected, it is important to carefully read the email notification you received as it will specify the reason why your documents were not accepted. Here are some of the most common reasons: 

  • You uploaded a black & white photo of your ‘Proof of Identity’ document.
  • The photo is blurry, and the text in the photo is hard to read, or the document itself is damaged or obscured in some way. If you took a clear photo but still got a message indicating one of the above issues, it may be better to upload an alternative document. 
  • You uploaded an unsupported document. What can be considered a valid document varies by country - for example, a driving license might be acceptable in one country but not another. 
  • The document has expired. 
  • You selected the incorrect ’Document Type’. For example, if you selected a driving license but uploaded a passport, the system will not be able to process it. 
  • The date of birth on the document doesn’t match the one in your profile. 
  • The first or last name on the document doesn’t match those in your profile. 
  • The MRZ code, watermarks, or security measures are not readable. Please upload a clearer photo or alternative document. 
  • The document is not original. You must upload a photo of the original document. If you upload a picture of a photocopy of your ‘Proof of Identity’ or a photo of a scan displayed on a monitor, the system won’t be able to process it. 
  • Your face in your selfie is significantly different than the one in your document (this can occur if you’ve recently grown a beard, for example). You may be asked to provide an alternative document in this case.  
  • You applied filters or effects to your selfie. Please ensure that all filters are disabled and try again. 

Solution: Resubmit verification documents 

Once you have identified the reason for your verification documents being rejected, take a new photo or scan of your documents and resubmit them. Make sure that the new documents address the issues that caused your previous submission to be rejected. 

Issue 2: Photo/video selfie 

Another common reason for verification failure is selfie/video selfie-related issues. Here are some of the reasons why the system may not be able to recognise your uploaded selfie/video selfie: 

  • The video selfie does not follow the instructions. Please re-read the instructions carefully and try again. 
  • You used filters or effects in your selfie. Please check that all filters are disabled and try again. 
  • Your face in your selfie is significantly different than the one in your document (this can occur if you’ve recently grown a beard, for example). You may be asked to provide an alternative document in this case. 

Solution: Resubmit the photo/video selfie 

Please ensure that your selfie displays your entire face clearly and that you follow the instructions provided carefully. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that you take a successful selfie: 

  • Lighting: Good lighting is essential for a clear and bright image. Find a well-lit area, ideally near a window or a source of light. 
  • Positioning: Hold your phone at eye level and ensure that your face is fully visible. Avoid tilting the phone or holding it at an angle. 
  • Expression: Maintain a neutral facial expression, with your eyes open and mouth closed. Avoid smiling or making any exaggerated facial expressions. 
  • Background: Select a simple and plain background that is not distracting. A plain background or a solid-coloured wall is ideal. 
  • Remove accessories: Remove any hats, sunglasses or anything that obstructs your face. It is crucial that your face is visible and clear. 
  • No filters: Avoid using filters or any photo editing tools to enhance the picture. A natural, unedited photo is preferred 

Issue 3: Verification taking longer than expected 

Our verification process generally only takes a few minutes. However, it may take longer in some cases such as a high volume of submissions or technical issues. 

Solution: Wait for verification to complete 

We understand that waiting for verification can be frustrating, but rest assured that our team is working to review your submission as soon as possible. You can check the status of your verification in the Wirex app under ‘Profile’ > ‘Verification’. 

Issue 4: Verification unavailable in your country 

Wirex is available in over 130 countries but there are some countries where we are not able to offer our services due to regulatory restrictions. If verification is not available in your country, unfortunately, you will not be able to complete it or sign up to Wirex. 

Solution: Check website for updates 

If you encounter this issue, please check back at a later time. We are constantly working to expand our reach to more countries. 

We hope that this article has provided you with useful information on how to troubleshoot account verification issues. If you continue to experience issues, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support team who will be happy to help you. 

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