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Understanding Cryptoback™ Types

Wirex is proud to offer its users a unique rewards program called Cryptoback™, a registered trademark of Wirex that encompasses various types of rewards available within the Wirex App. This guide provides an overview of the most common types of Cryptoback™ rewards you can earn as a Wirex user. 

1. Card Cryptoback™ 

With Card Cryptoback™, you can earn cashback on every transaction made with your Wirex card. The cashback amount is calculated in fiat currency based on the transaction amount you spent and your membership plan. Once calculated, the cashback is automatically converted to WXT, Wirex's native cryptocurrency. If you prefer not to have your cashback automatically converted, you can opt-out by contacting customer support. 

Availability: Not available in the USA 

2. Refer-a-Friend Cryptoback™ 

Our Refer-a-Friend Cryptoback™ rewards you every time you invite a friend who meets the conditions of our Refer-a-Friend program. It's a great way to earn additional WXT while introducing your friends to the benefits of Wirex. 

Availability: Not available in the USA and UK 

3. DUO/Multiply Cryptoback™ 

When you open your first position with DUO/Multiply, you'll receive a fixed amount of Cryptoback™. This feature allows you to start your investment journey with Wirex and get rewarded right from the start. 

Availability: Not available in the USA and UK 

4. Ad-hoc Marketing Cryptoback™ 

Wirex frequently runs marketing promotions that include Cryptoback™ rewards. These promotions are communicated to users through our various communication channels. Stay tuned to our updates so you don't miss out on these exciting opportunities. 

Availability: Not available in the USA and UK 

Earning Cryptoback™ with Wirex 

Earning Cryptoback™ is just one of the many benefits of using the Wirex App. Whether it's through everyday card transactions, inviting friends to join Wirex, opening DUO/Multiply positions, or participating in ad-hoc marketing promotions, there are multiple ways to enhance your Wirex experience and accumulate WXT. 

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