What are destination tags and why do I need them?

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Destination tags are unique identification codes used by cryptocurrencies (for example, Stellar and XRP) to identify the receiver of a transaction. Most transactions with these currencies require both an address and a destination tag to be completed successfully.  

When transfering Stellar or XRP between Wirex accounts, you will be required to enter the destination tag for the receiving account (you’ll need to ask the receiver to provide you with their tag). When sending from Wirex to an external crypto wallet, you may or may not be required to provide the tag, depending on the policies of the receiving exchange. If you are not sure whether or not the recipient requires a destination tag, we recommend using it just in case. This will ensure your transaction is completed without unnecessary delays. 

You can also determine if a destination tag is necessary by sending a small amount without a tag. If the transaction succeeds, then you can send the larger amount. If it does not, that indicates that a tag is required for the transaction. 


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