What is a Ripple (XRP) destination tag?

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A destination tag is a unique 9-digit figure assigned to each Ripple (XRP) account. It is used to identify the receiver in a Ripple transaction. When sending XRP, you need to provide the following information:

  • The target wallet's address
  • Its destination tag

The destination tag must be specified when transferring XRP between Wirex accounts. The destination may or may not be required when sending XRP to external wallets depending on the policies of the exchange. However, you should be aware that most exchanges do require it.

Note: To ensure smooth and efficient transactions, you should provide the sender with your destination tag when receiving XRP. When sending XRP, ask the receiver to provide their tag. 

Note for desktop users: when you are copying the address of your XRP wallet, it is copied together with the destination tag. Please keep it mind that you may need to remove the tag after pasting the address. 

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