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What is ERC20?

The ERC20 is the technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum network, providing a set of standardised rules that developers can use when building tokens, from currencies to digital assets, on top of the Ethereum blockchain. 

One of the benefits of the ERC20 network is that it allows for easy integration of tokens across different applications and wallets, since they are built using the same rules. This means that if you have a token on the ERC20 network, you can easily store it in your wallet, transfer it to someone else or trade it on popular exchanges.It's essential to pay attention to the transaction fees when sending ERC20 tokens as they can be higher than standard Ethereum transactions. To transfer ERC20 tokens, you need to ensure you have enough funds to cover the gas fees, and it's essential to double-check that you're sending them to the correct address.  

To see the full list of supported ERC-20 tokens for your account, log in to the Wirex app or website and navigate to “Accounts” > “Manage Accounts”.  

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