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What is the Wirex X-tras program?

Wirex X-tras is a loyalty program that rewards Wirex users with a variety of benefits, including Cryptoback™ rewards, higher X-Accounts interest rates, and savings bonuses. While X-tras is available to all Wirex users, some benefits are only accessible to subscribers of the Premium, and Elite X-tras subscription plans. 

One of the key advantages of X-tras is the Cryptoback™ rewards program, which provides users with rewards back in the form of WXT, our native cryptocurrency. Depending on the user's subscription plan and tier, they can earn between 0.5% and 8% Cryptoback™ rewards for every purchase made using their Wirex card, either in-store or online. These rewards are credited instantly to the user's X-tras account and can be used to buy X-tras subscriptions or swapped for other traditional or cryptocurrencies. 

Moreover, Wirex X-tras allows users to earn higher interest rates on their holdings through X-Accounts, with rates of up to 20% APR. Depending on the subscription plan and tier, users can enjoy increased interest rates on any existing and new X-Accounts they open which are paid out to users on a weekly basis. 

Another significant benefit of X-tras is the Savings Bonus, which is available to users who subscribe to the Enhanced and Ultimate tiers. Users who have a positive WXT balance in their account can earn monthly interest, known as a Savings Bonus, on their balance, with interest rates of up to 12% on the minimum monthly balance annually. This means that users holding WXT tokens can earn additional passive income, in addition to any Cryptoback™ rewards they receive. 

To access these enhanced benefits, X-tras users must lock a specific quantity of WXT tokens in their X-tras account. This is referred to as the Boost Tier, and users can choose to lock their funds within either the Enhanced or Ultimate Tier, depending on their subscription plan. The Boost Tier is locked for a period of 180 days, after which the user can withdraw their WXT tokens or continue to receive enhanced benefits during the Grace Period. 

Aside from these advantages, X-tras also provides other perks such as unique merchant offers, and priority customer support. 

In conclusion, Wirex X-tras is a comprehensive loyalty program that offers a wide range of benefits to Wirex users. By subscribing to one of the X-tras subscription plans and locking in a specific amount of WXT tokens, users can earn enhanced Cryptoback™ rewards, monthly interest on their WXT balance, and other exclusive perks. 

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