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What is Wirex Multiply?

Wirex Multiply is a cutting-edge, crypto wealth product designed to enable users to capitalise on market volatility. To learn more about Wirex Multiply, please visit our blog post, where you will find comprehensive information on this innovative solution. 

What are the Wirex mechanics of Wirex Multiply? 

Wirex Multiply operates through the following steps: 

  • The platform initiates an automated chain of loans using the user's Wirex Multiply assets as collateral for the first loan. 
  • The funds obtained from the first loan are then used to purchase additional crypto, which serves as collateral for the next loan in the chain. 
  • This process is repeated from 5 to 50 times, depending on the user's selected Multiplier Level
  • Finally, the user can opt to put in place a Stop Loss, Take Profit or manually close their Wirex Multiply to realise their profits from the accumulated gains. Alternatively, it can hit the Margin Call and close automatically. 

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