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What is Wirex X-tras?

Wirex X-tras is a loyalty program provided by Wirex, a leading cryptocurrency and traditional currency payment platform. The program aims to reward users for their loyalty and encourage them to use Wirex for their everyday transactions. 

Wirex X-tras is available to all Wirex users who have verified their account and completed the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures. Once verified, users can start earning rewards by using their Wirex card to make purchases. 

Wirex X-tras rewards come in the form of WXT tokens, Wirex's native cryptocurrency. These tokens can be used to pay for subscription fees and tier upgrades that provide even more benefits on the Wirex platform, such as increased interest for X-Accounts or higher Cryptoback™. Alternatively, they can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or traditional currencies. 

There are several ways to earn WXT tokens through Wirex X-tras. One of the easiest ways is to use your Wirex card to make purchases, where you'll receive a percentage of your transaction back in WXT tokens. 

Wirex X-tras also offers the opportunity to earn bonus WXT tokens through various promotions and campaigns. For example, users can earn extra tokens for referring new users to the platform or for completing specific tasks such as verifying email addresses or setting up recurring payments. 

Wirex X-tras includes a Cryptoback™ program, which enables users to earn a percentage of their spending back in WXT tokens. The amount of Cryptoback™ varies depending on the type of transaction and the specific promotion running at the time. 

Overall, Wirex X-tras is an excellent way for users to earn rewards for their loyalty and usage of the platform. With its easy-to-understand rewards program and range of earning opportunities, Wirex X-tras is a great option for anyone looking to get more out of their cryptocurrency and traditional currency transactions. So, if you haven't signed up for Wirex yet, now is the time to start earning rewards with Wirex X-tras and Cryptoback™. 

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