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Why do we ask your CPF number?

CPF, or Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas, is an essential identifier for individuals living in Brazil. Whether you are a native Brazilian or a foreigner residing in the country, having a CPF number is crucial for conducting various financial transactions, including using the PIX payment system on the Wirex app. 

What is a CPF number? 
A Brazilian CPF number is an 11-digit individual taxpayer identification number issued by the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service (Receita Federal) to native Brazilians and resident aliens who pay taxes. It consists of nine base digits followed by two digits resulting from an arithmetic operation performed on the first nine numbers. This format helps identify any typing errors that may lead to an invalid number. For example, a CPF number may look like this: 231.002.999-00. 

Why is a CPF number essential in Brazil? 
CPF numbers are vital for a variety of transactions and activities in Brazil. Without one, you cannot open a bank account, obtain a driver's license, buy property or even purchase plane tickets. Essentially, a CPF number is required for almost every significant financial transaction or service in the country, making it indispensable for both native Brazilians and permanent residents. 

Why do we need your CPF number? 
Our app is designed to offer seamless top-up and funds transfer services using the PIX payment system. To comply with Brazilian regulations and guarantee the legitimacy of transactions, we must collect your CPF number. By providing this information, you help us maintain a secure and trustworthy platform for all our users. 

What if your CPF is suspended? 
A CPF can be suspended by the Brazilian Federal Revenue Bureau for various reasons, including not submitting an income statement, owing back taxes, or skipping an election. A suspended CPF makes life difficult in Brazil, and regularizing it requires settling any fines or back taxes owed. 

How to unsuspend a CPF while abroad? 
To regularize a suspended CPF while abroad, call +55 11 3003 0146, visit the Federal Revenue Bureau's website, or submit a request at a Brazilian consulate. Online regularization requires a Brazilian address and phone number, and the website is only in Portuguese. Required documents include a printed CPF form, an original ID, and a photocopy. If mailing your request, a postal request form is necessary. 

Steps for obtaining a CPF: 

  1. Complete and print the Federal Revenue Bureau's CPF form. 
  2. Gather required documents. 
  3. For requests outside Brazil, fill out and print the postal request form. 
  4. Submit your request at a Brazilian consulate or designated agency. 

Documents needed: 

  • Completed CPF form 
  • Original and photocopy of an ID document (Brazilian ID or passport for Brazilians, valid passport and birth certificate for foreign nationals) 
  • Electoral card for Brazilians aged 18-70 
  • For applicants under 18: minor's birth certificate and ID document of a parent, tutor, legal guardian, or court-appointed custodian 
  • Postal request form if mailing your CPF request from outside Brazil 
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