Wirex fees and limits

Ordering a Wirex card and corresponding current account is free. However, you will be charged a nominal monthly fee for card account maintenance.

Depending on the currency of your account, the following fees and limits apply:

Feature EEA All other regions
Wirex Visa card charges
Account fee FREE FREE
Multi-sig crypto accounts FREE FREE
Multi-sig fiat accounts FREE FREE
Card account maintenance fee £1.00 / €1.20 / $1.50 per month -
Card issuance FREE -
Card delivery


Top-up charges
Crypto top-up by external card 1% 1%
Bank transfer IN/OUT: SEPA FREE FREE
Bank transfer IN  SWIFT FREE FREE
Bank Transfer Out SWIFT £12 / €13 / $15 $15
Transaction charges
Crypto exchange services  OTC rates + commission OTC rates + commission
Fiat exchange services  Interbank rates + commission Interbank rates + commission
Internal transfer (between Wirex users) FREE FREE
External transfer (crypto) Blockchain fees apply* Blockchain fees apply*
ATM charges (FX fee applies for withdrawals abroad)

EEA (including UK): £1.75 / €2.25 / $2.50

International: £2.25 / €2.75 / $3.50

Cryptoback™* 0.50%
If you hold 500,000 WXT 1.50%
100,000 WXT 1.00%
50,000 WXT 0.75%
Crypto exchange Limit varies depending on the currency from which the conversion is performed.
Crypto transfer OUT 

Per transaction: $10k

Per day: $50k

Per transaction: $10k

Per day: $50k

Credit / Debit card top-up (confirmed) $5k per day


Credit / Debit card top-up (unconfirmed)

$50 per day

Card spend limit per transaction

£7.5k/€8k/$10k per transaction

Transferring funds between current account and Wirex card UNLIMITED -
Maximum account balance  UNLIMITED UNLIMITED
Maximum card balance  £15k / €16k / $20k  -
Spend from card  £7.5k / €8k / $10k per day -
ATM withdrawals £/€/$250 per day -
                                                                                     Outgoing Bank Transfer Limits
Min Trx amount Daily limit Max Trx amount Max Trx amount
Faster Payment £10  £3000 n/a £3000
SEPA* $10 N/A n/a $50,000
SWIFT $10 N/A n/a $50,000
                                                Incoming Bank Transfer Limits*
Daily Limit Weekly Limit Monthly Limit Max Trx amount
Faster Payment £3000                       £6000  £15000   n/a
SEPA €1001        €7000  €17000  n/a

*SEPA and SWIFT limits are set up in USD equivalent.
* Incoming bank transfer limits apply to accounts that have IBANS beginning with LT, GB.

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