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Wirex Super Ambassador Programme Terms & Conditions

1. Wirex Super Ambassador Programme 

1.1 The following terms and conditions (“Terms”) shall apply to the Wirex Super Ambassador Programme (the “Programme”) which is offered by Wirex Digital D.o.o. in the European Economic Area (“EEA”) and Wirex Pte Ltd in the Asia Pacific region (“APAC”) (each separately referred to as “Wirex”). 

1.2 The Programme is only open to applicants who  

(I) are verified users of the Wirex platform with a WXT account in the EEA and APAC regions (as defined by the applicable Wirex Terms & Conditions: (https://wirexapp.com/terms-and-policies); 

(ii) have signed up to the Wirex Discord channel and 

(iii) have registered and account in Wirex Wallet. 

 (“Eligible Applicants”). These Terms should be read in conjunction with the WXT Terms and Conditions.  

1.3 The Programme started from 10:00 (BST) 14 June 2021 and will run to such time as Wirex provides written notice to Super Ambassadors that the Programme has come to an end (“Programme Duration”). 

1.4 If you do not agree to these Terms, do not participate in the Programme. 

2. What is the Wirex Super Ambassadors Programme? 

2.1 The Programme aims to recruit Eligible Applicants to help increase engagement in the Wirex community completing Super Ambassador Tasks set by Wirex. 

2.2 Each month Super Ambassadors get tasks sent to them in Ambassador’s private channel on Discord (“Super Ambassadors’ Tasks”), labelled: # warriors-private (“Ambassadors’ Channel”). Super Ambassadors must accomplish the task during the month. 

2.3 Super Ambassadors who create content and fulfil their Super Ambassador Tasks in accordance with the clause 2.2. (“Super Ambassadors”) will be rewarded in WXT in Wirex Wallet during the Programme. After the end of each month Super Ambassadors get notified when the rewards will be sent out. 

2.4 In addition to this: 

  • Wirex may provide additional Rewards to top performing Super Ambassadors, such additional Rewards will be provided at Wirex’s sole discretion. 
  • Completion of tasks by Super Ambassadors will be monitored by Wirex and scored accordingly on the last day of the respective month. For the avoidance of doubt, Super Ambassadors will not have any visibility over these scores. 
  • At the end of the Programme, top performing Super Ambassadors will be informed of their additional Reward (if any). 

3. Ambassador Obligations 

3.1 The Super Ambassadors must: 

  • comply with all requirements of clause 2.1. hereof .  
  • be comfortable with sharing photos of Wirex’s products, and Wirex reserves the right to repost these on its website, blog, social media accounts and any other methods of communication it might use now or in the future. 
  • complete the tasks set out in Ambassadors Channel within the agreed time. Failure to do so may mean that the Super Ambassadors will not receive their Reward for such month. 
  • submit any blog/social media content on Discord channel to directly to aliwirex_willnotdmyou for approval before publication on any of their channels. Wirex retains the right to amend the Super Ambassador’s content without notice to the Super Ambassadors to ensure it remains compliant with its regulatory obligations. 

3.2 The Super Ambassadors must not: 

  • disclose activities, Rewards and other information available in the Super Ambassadors Portal to any third party. 
  • do anything to tarnish the reputation or image of Wirex. 
  • use paid advertising to promote links on their social posts from the activities listed in the  Ambassadors’ Channel. 

4. Excluded Applicants 

 The following persons are ineligible to participate in the Programme: 

  • employees of any of our group companies; 
  • employees of any company that issues the Wirex Card; 
  • employees of any other organisation involved in the preparation or administration of the Programme; 
  • anyone else professionally connected with the Programme; 
  • the immediate family members of any of the above; or 
  • persons not resident in the EEA and APAC regions. 

5. Tax 

5.1 WXT may be subject to tax in your jurisdiction. You are responsible for paying any tax due on any WXT you hold in your Wirex account/ Wirex wallet. You should seek professional advice if you are unsure about whether you need to pay any tax and/ or how much tax you need to pay.  

5.2 Wirex will not be responsible to you or any other third party or organisation for any amounts you are required to pay in tax or any penalties you face in connection with your purchase or receipt of WXT. 

6. Important limitations on the Programme 

Rewards will only be distributed for content created by Super Ambassadors during their participation in the Programme and during the Programme Duration. 

7. Termination and Limitation of Liability 

7.1 Wirex reserves the right to terminate cooperation with  Super Ambassadors immediately at any time and without notice to the Super Ambassadors, including but not limited to the reasons set out at Clause 3.2 of these Terms. 

7.2 Wirex reserves the right at any time, in its sole discretion, to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Programme with or without prior notice. 

7.3 Wirex may also modify or discontinue the Programme on written notice to you. 

7.4 Wirex accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred or suffered by you as a result of participating in the Programme or accepting or using any benefits provided by the Programme, including (but not limited to) any loss resulting from the following: 

  • any postponement or cancellation of the benefits or Rewards attached to the Programme, or any delay in crediting any WXT to your Wirex Profile; 
  • any alteration, unauthorised access, damage, late delivery or non-delivery of any notices, acceptances, requests or other documents related to the Programme; 
  • any damage to your or any other person's computer relating to or resulting from availing the Programme; 
  • any act or default of any third party supplier.  

7.5 Nothing in these Terms shall exclude the liability of Wirex for death, personal injury, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation as a result of its negligence, or any other matter for which the law does not allow us to exclude or limit our liability. 

7.5 Wirex will not be responsible for any losses incurred while trading, holding cryptocurrency or lost opportunity to earn through alternative cryptocurrency holdings for any cause. There are risks associated with trading, and the customer participates in the Programme at their own discretion, whilst acknowledging awareness, understanding and acceptance of those risks, as set out in the Wirex Terms & Conditions. 

8. Your personal details 

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information about how we handle your information. 

9. General 

9.1 “APAC ” means Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Philippines 

9.2 “Super Ambassador Tasks” means liking, posting and sharing social media posts and any other tasks or actions set by Wirex from time to time. Examples of such tasks could be to share a post on social media, write comments on the Wirex forums etc. 

9.3 “Verified Users” means users of the Wirex Service who have successfully completed all Wirex know your client and anti-money laundering requirements. 

9.4 “Wirex Discord channel” means the Wirex community platform which is a space for productive discussion among Wirex members hosted on Discord: https://discord.gg/Hffc7YQHTc    

9.5 “Wirex Community” means the Wirex community platform hosted on the Wirex website. 

9.6 “WXT” means Wirex Token. 

9.7 The Programme is launched by Wirex independently. No partnership has been formed between Wirex and any third party merchant for the purposes of this Programme. 

9.8 Wirex will only acknowledge applications from Eligible Applicants who are verified cardholders residing in the EEA and APAC regions. Wirex reserves the right to refuse any Eligible Applicants if in its absolute discretion it considers that the Eligible Applicant is not a good fit or there are no more places available on the Super Ambassadors Programme. 

9.9 We intend to rely on these Terms as setting out the written terms of our agreement with you for your availing of the benefits and Rewards attached to this Programme. If part of these Terms cannot be enforced then the remainder of the Terms will still apply to our relationship. 

9.10 If you have any questions about WXT and the Programme, please contact us at  Wirex Discord channel with sending messages directly to aliwirex_willnotdmyou. 

9.11 Wirex retains the right to extend the Programme as it sees fit with or without notice to the Super Ambassadors. 

9.12 The Terms of this Programme are governed by the laws of England and the parties irrevocably agree that the courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear, settle and/or determine any dispute, controversy or claim (including any non-contractual dispute, controversy or claim) arising out of or in connection with this Promotion. 

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