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Wirex's Commitment to Supporting Vulnerable Customers

Life is filled with unexpected twists. Whether it's a sudden loss of a job or the challenges posed by mental health conditions, there are moments when we all need a little extra support in managing our money effectively. 

These situations can create a sense of vulnerability, urging us to seek guidance and understanding from financial institutions. 

In Wirex’s commitment to fostering financial health for all, the need to address the concerns of vulnerable customers takes centre stage. 

It's not just about making financial services accessible; it's about creating an environment where every customer receives the care and attention they deserve. 

Who Are Vulnerable Customers? 

Vulnerable customers are those who, due to certain life circumstances, face a higher risk of harm from financial products and services. 

The FCA has listed characteristics that might put a customer at risk, which include, but are not restricted to: 

  1. Health issues - mental or physical disabilities that may affect customers’ ability to make informed decisions about financial products or services.  
  2. Life events - bereavement, job loss, divorce or abuse can lead to emotional stress and financial instability.  
  3. Limited financial capability - low income or a lack of financial education or experience.  
  4. Language or literacy barriers - customers may find it difficult to understand complex financial information.  
  5. Age-related issues - elderly customers may be more susceptible to scams or financial abuse.  

How Is Wirex Supporting Vulnerable Customers 

At Wirex, we're dedicated to ensuring that everyone, including vulnerable customers, receives the assistance they deserve. Our experienced staff members are extensively trained to cater to the needs of vulnerable individuals, ensuring they receive support. 

Yevhen Opanasenko, Head of Customer Support says, ‘We understand the significance of accessibility, which is why we go the extra mile to accommodate various requirements.’  

If you require modifications such as larger text formats or audio aids, our responsive Customer Support Team is here to help – simply submit a request via Wirex’s Help Centre page and one of our team members will assist you. 

Let us know how we can improve! 

If you have any suggestions on how we can further support vulnerable customers please feel free to reach out to us through our official communication channels, such as Discord or our social media platforms. 

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