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Top 5 Expat Hacks for Moving to the UK from Hong Kong
Top 5 tips and tricks for expats moving from Hong Kong to the UK and what to expect when it comes to finance, housing and transport.
Feb 24, 2021Wirex Team
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Wirex is Helping you Find ‘The One’ this Valentine’s
This Valentine's, Wirex want to find you your perfect cryptocurrency match. Swipe between Bitcoin, Ethereum and others to find which crypto is right for you.
Feb 12, 2021Wirex Team
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Wirex’s Mastercard Card: A Competition-Killer
Pavel Matveev, Wirex's CEO and Co-Founder, discusses why the new multicurrency Mastercard card is competition-killer for the fintech and crypto space.
Oct 30, 2020Wirex Team
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From Down Under to the ‘Little Red Dot’ – acclimatising with Wirex!
Have you ever wondered what it's like living and travelling in Singapore as an Australian, and how difficult it can be to use a bank card abroad? A Wirex user discusses why she is using her Wirex card to make it easy and cheap to manage her funds whilst living abroad.
Sep 1, 2020Wirex Team
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5 Ways Mastercard and Microsoft are Helping Wirex Grow Globally
Following the impact of COVID-19 and the Wirecard situation, Mastercard and Microsoft Azure are helping Wirex to reach 15 million users in 5 years
Jul 21, 2020Wirex Team
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Here's why crypto is perfect for digital nomads
You probably adopted a nomadic lifestyle out of a desire for freedom and flexibility. Freedom from a 9-5 schedule, lengthy commutes, inner-city rent and the growing pile of unneeded possessions. The flexibility to live anywhere with WiFi and have new experiences every day. Okay, you don
Mar 9, 2018Wirex Team
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Everything you need to know about travelling with Bitcoins
Every day, more people travel with bitcoins. There are big advantages to including bitcoins in your travel plans. For example, it is safer to carry bitcoins than to carry cash, especially if you bring a large amount of money or if you
Jul 22, 2016Wirex Team
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