11 top tips for the smart shopper

Region: Europe
Oct 12, 2021, 1:00:00 PM Published By Wirex Team

If you’re a fan of saving all your shopping for the sales, it must be your favourite time of year! 10.10 has just drawn to a close, but 11.11, Black Friday and Christmas are just around the corner - yes, the sale season is well and truly upon us. So, we thought it was about time you started planning your strategy.

Oh, and did we mention that today is National Savings Day? That’s even more reason to fine-tune your shopping skills!

If they’re not already in your diary, here are the next 6 online shopping events for you to get ready for - and they’re fast approaching!

  • 11.11 Singles’ Day Thursday 11th November 2021
  • Black Friday Friday 26th November 2021
  • Cyber Monday Monday 29th November 2021
  • 12.12 Sale Sunday 12th December 2021
  • Christmas sales Thursday 23rd-Sunday 26th December 2021
  • Boxing Day sales Sunday 26th December 2021

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a sale and overspend - trust us, we get it. But this year, we’re on a mission to practise savvy shopping and save some $$$. We’ve put together 11 top tips for smart sales shopping - read on to find out everything you need to know.

Tip 1. Memorise your Wirex card details

Ok, you might not be able to memorise them as such, but you should at least save your card details to your favourite websites and apps ahead of time. Those sought-after items go quickly once the sales have begun, so doing this means you won’t be wasting precious seconds fumbling for your wallet. It’ll be worth it to avoid seeing ‘sold out’ stamped across that item you’ve been eyeing up for months.

Tip 2. Earn interest while you wait for the sales to start

Don’t have an X-Account yet? Why not?! You could be earning up to 16% AER on select currencies (yes, really) - and you can start doing so in under 5 minutes. You can open up to 10 X-Accounts in the Wirex app for currencies of your choice, so why not get set up today and put your earnings towards your next purchase? You won’t have to wait long - your interest is earned daily and paid out weekly!

Tip 3. Don’t wait for the sales - add it to your cart now!

If it’s a big-ticket item you’re after, the chances are you’ll have some competition. To avoid missing out, add it to your shopping cart or wishlist in advance. Then, when the time comes, you're ready to hit ‘buy’ the moment you see the price drop. Score!

Tip 4. Get your friends and family on board

Do your friends and family love a bargain just as much as you do? Buying in bulk means you can save on shipping costs! Just get your crew to let you know what they want in advance and add everything to your cart in preparation for the discounts.

And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to refer them to Wirex - both you and them will be rewarded for it!

Tip 5. Book your next trip with Agoda or Booking.com

Still got far too much annual leave left this year? Same - will we ever learn? You’d better squeeze in a holiday before it’s too late! You don’t have to break the bank to do so, either, thanks to our exclusive offers with Agoda & Booking.com. Book a trip with Agoda here to get an additional 6% off, or with Booking.com here (APAC) or here (EEA) to earn up to 10% cashback! All you’ve got to do is pay with your Wirex card. Time to get the suitcase out!

Tip 6. Take your measurements in advance

If you’re shopping for new clothes, it’s always a good idea to know your sizes. If it’s a brand you haven’t previously bought from, it’s worth finding out what they are - take your measurements and check them against the shop’s size guide in advance. It's also a good idea to know what sizes you are in different countries if you’re shopping on international sites. Make sure to cover all bases and you’re good to go.

Tip 7. Make a list of what you need

Don’t get overwhelmed by all the slashed prices - stick to what you know you need. Making a clear list of just that will help you stay focused and avoid any shopping regrets on the day.

Tip 8. Do your research

Look out for the ‘cheapest price in X days’ notifications on certain sites. The higher the number of days, the better the deal. Also, make sure you’ve read the reviews (especially the negative ones!) for the product you’re buying, and don’t forget to check both the product’s and the seller’s ratings.

Another thing worth checking out in advance is the brand’s delivery options - do they deliver to you, and if so, how much does it cost? It always pays to do your research.

Tip 9. Use coupons and discount codes

When a sale is approaching, some brands will share discount codes or let you collect online coupons. These are definitely worth having! You can also access a huge range of deals and discounts on travel, fashion and much more as a Wirex cardholder - check out our exclusive Mastercard (EEA) and Visa (APAC) merchant offers.

Tip 10. Always have a backup plan (and upgrade your Wirex plan to earn extra rewards!)

Been eyeing that new game but just know it’s going to sell out in a flash? Make sure you search for the same item on multiple different sites, compare them all and take note of exactly where you should look if you miss out on your number one.

It goes without saying, but you should always look for the highest levels of rewards you can, whether that’s cashback, store points or Cryptoback™ rewards. Upgrade to the Elite plan in the Wirex app and you’ll earn the top rate of 2% in WXT on every single purchase you make with your Wirex card.

Tip 11. Keep your eyes peeled for exclusive Wirex promotions

We love helping our customers get their hands on little treats here and there. That’s why we host regular promotions allowing you to earn free crypto and more! Check out what’s running at the moment here and stay tuned - there are plenty more where they came from…