7 High Demand Fintech Roles

Region: Europe
Jul 11, 2022, 1:35:00 PM Published By Wirex Team

Know where you’re heading

Just wanting a career in FinTech isn’t really enough to make that a reality. To increase your chances of success, you need to be more focused on what you really want. There is an abundance of job titles and opportunities in FinTech. Which ones are for you?

Here’s a look at a few options:

Go it alone

Are you someone that has your own ideas about where payment technology should be heading next? Are you the kind of person who wants to be at the helm and drive change? If so, it may well be that you should be exploring the entrepreneurial opportunities that exist. The reality is that this is hard work, but the rewards can be immense.

Product Manager

If you follow this FinTech career route, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that new products are on track and not deviating from the plan. You will be researching the market and looking at emerging innovations. It may well be that you take this role on within a startup, but equally, you could be working for a huge corporation.

Marketing Specialists

The function of marketing is business critical for any FinTech company. From Customer Engagement, PR & Communications to Content and Branding – there is an opportunity to influence the success of the business through all of these roles and make a genuine positive impact with the work you do.

Compliance Analyst

A key role within FinTech firms. You will act as a liaison for queries received in respect of law enforcement enquiries and financial regulator investigations. You will assist with the setup and monitoring of internal compliance and governance processes.

Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering Analysts

Pivotal roles within the Risk and Compliance area of the business, you will be required to provide assistance to the Compliance department with screening and monitoring of requests. You will be involved in enhancing and maintain a robust risk and compliance framework, in partnership with relevant stakeholders, to execute the wider strategy in accordance with its risk appetite, regulatory expectations and industry best practices.

Data Specialists

For any FinTech company to be successful, it needs to be able to analyse an almost endless number of datasets. Those who specialise in data are always in demand as it is being able to use this that gives a company huge advantages over their competitors.

Software Developer

For FinTech to be its most successful, it needs to ensure that it is easily accessible. That means that there is always a great demand for those who are able to develop apps and websites. These need to provide the best customer experience.