A Day In The Life Of Eleftherios Vidalis

Region: Europe
Sep 27, 2022, 10:52:37 AM Published By Wirex Team

Eleftherios Vidalis, the Head of Enterprise Risk Management Framework at Wirex, shares exclusive insights on his career development in the company.

How long have you been with Wirex?

I have been with Wirex for 3 weeks

Why did you join Wirex?

I was using the app and found it very interested. Then I was challenged by the fact to join and make the business stronger and expand with new products and in new territories.

What is your background?

This is my second job in the FinTech world. I was for more than 2,5 years with Revolut and before that I was working for Barclays, JP Morgan, RBS and Lloyds Banking Group.

What is your job now and how long have you been doing this job?

I am the Head of Enterprise Risk Management Framework and I am doing that since I joined Wirex. My 8 years’ experience is also in the Risk world.

When you left School or University what did you want to be when you grew up?

My undergraduate studies was in Greece, University of Piraeus. I started in 2009 and graduated 2014. Then I joined Queen Mary University of London in 2014 for an MSc in Banking and Finance and I graduated in 2015. I am exactly where I wanted to be when I graduated.

What industry's does your job apply to?

FinTech, Payments, Risk

What kind of education and/or training did your career require?

Both my undergraduate and postgraduate studies played a critical role to be able to start and perform in Risk roles. I have a lot of other certifications like the IRM International Risk Management etc.

How do you become a Head of ERMF?

I think the secret here is to challenge yourself every day, be keen to learn and expose yourself to new things. You also need to be a team player and have good prioritization and management skills.

What skills are required in your daily work?

Risk Management, Organizational, Analytical, Quick decision maker, managerial, Attention to details.

Please describe a typical day of work.

Since I joined my main task is to find the best possible approach to structure the risk frameworks, policies and governance for Wirex. That means Risk Taxonomy, Enterprise Risk Management Framework, Risk Appetite Statement, Key Risk Indicators and in general all processes and procedures.

Do you mostly work alone or with others?

I work a lot with others, I am mostly working with the Global Risk and Compliance team.

How has Wirex helped you get to develop your skills and career?

I am dealing with many different risk areas as described above and that gives me the chance to upskill my self.

What do you wish you would have known about your job before starting?

Interview and expectation were very clear, so I had everything before I joined.

What would you like to tell someone who’s interested in applying for a Risk position to know?

That the environment and our job can be challenging but is also very rewarding.

What Career progression is there in your role and/or Wirex?

The are a lot of opportunities to progress within Wirex since everything has to be structured from scratch.

What do you love the most about your job at Wirex?

My job is challenging and I have to come up with ideas to build a strong and sound risk environment and culture.

How would you describe working at Wirex?

Challenging and Rewarding.

If you could give one piece of career advice, what would it be?

Be patient and own tasks that sound difficult and challenging.