A Step Above

Region: Europe
Sep 15, 2020, 1:40:48 PM Published By Wirex Team

If you haven’t heard about the Wirex Visa card yet, where have you been?

Unlike your regular bank card, the Wirex Visa card earns BTC rewards every time you make an in-store purchase and gives you the power to convert and spend your cryptocurrency in real life. Ever paid for breakfast with bitcoin, or bought a bus ticket using ether? Now you can - the Wirex card makes the impossible possible.

Borderless Spending

But the Wirex Visa card isn’t limited to converting and spending your cryptocurrencies - it’s also a powerful and versatile travel companion. Available in GBP, EUR or USD, you can spend like a local whilst abroad, avoiding unexpected bank charges and expensive merchants fees. And because it’s a Visa card, it’s accepted at more than 40m locations around the world - everywhere from bars and restaurants to public transport.

Futuristic Rewards

The Wirex Visa card is the only way to earn Cryptoback™ rewards, the world’s first rewards scheme that pays out up to 1.5% back in satoshis (a sub-unit of bitcoin) on all in-store purchases. Think about it - every croissant, coffee or retail therapy session earns you instant BTC. If there’s an easier way to start building your cryptocurrency portfolio, we’d like to hear it.

Best of all, we don’t limit the amount of Cryptoback™ rewards you can earn or what you can do with it. Exchange and spend it or HODL to your heart’s content.

Instant Alerts

Knowledge is power - and that’s why every transaction you make with your Wirex Visa card triggers instant in-app alerts, so that you keep on top of your incomings and outgoings at all times. So, if you’ve had enough of being held back by your bank card, what are you waiting for? Open a Wirex account and order your card in-app today.