Cheapest way to top up your Wirex Account: Bank Transfer

Region: Europe
Feb 20, 2024, 1:50:49 PM Published By Wirex Team

Having funds in your Wirex account grants you access to over 150 traditional and cryptocurrencies. 

In this guide, we'll unveil the quickest and most cost-effective method to fund your Wirex account: through a bank transfer. 

Why Bank Transfer? 

Bank transfers are not only reliable but also cost-effective. With Wirex, you can initiate a bank transfer effortlessly, ensuring your funds reach your account swiftly. 

How to Make a Bank Transfer to Wirex: 

Firstly, open the Wirex app and click on "Add Funds" on the homepage. Alternatively, navigate to your EUR or GBP account details.  

Then, choose the currency account you want to add funds to.  

Next, select "Secure Bank Transfer" as your payment option and enter the amount you wish to add to your account. Click "Add Funds" and confirm the amount.  

You will then be prompted to select your bank. Please note that the list of available banks is based on those available through Plaid and those that are in the country of the currency you are adding. For example, only UK banks will be shown for GBP.  

Once you have selected your bank, Plaid will open your bank's authorisation page within the Wirex app. There, you can select the relevant account from which the funds will be transferred and authorise the transaction.  

After the transaction is authorised, you will be redirected back to the Wirex app, where you will see a confirmation page with the transaction details. In most cases, when you add GBP or EUR to your Wirex account using Plaid, the funds will transfer instantly. However, please allow up to three business days for the funds to appear in your Wirex account. 

And don't forget, Wirex offers zero fees for adding funds via bank transfer, making it an even more attractive option for topping up your account. 

Add funds through bank transfers with Wirex today and take control of your financial future! 

* Top-up methods may vary depending on region. 

*This is not financial advice. Not intended for UK customers. 

* The prices of Cryptoassets fluctuate, sometimes dramatically. The price of a Cryptoasset may move up or down, and may become valueless. It is as likely that losses will be incurred rather than profit made as a result of buying and selling Cryptoassets.