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Cryptokitties Review... immortal kittens on the Blockchain

Region: Europe
Dec 8, 2017, 12:37:57 PM Published By Wirex Team
It started as an office joke... When we first heard aboutcryptokittieswe thought it was ridiculous. The idea that a virtual kitten could outlive us all (and stay cute forever)... because it exists on the blockchain... We all laughed at the idea... WHAT was all this hype about? People were going absolutely mental and it was the talk of the crypto-town. We decided to look into it... This evolved into a 3-hour indulgence into thecutest crypto album to exist in the meowverse. Before you knew it.. we started a kitty fund. Yes.. that's right. We convinced a group of fully grown adults to pull together Ether to buy, what can only seemingly be described as a cute illustration. Were we mad? Perhaps. This is what we found:

Theres a whole marketplace of kittens.

Pink ones, fluffy ones, kittens with goatees, ones with sharp teeth - the works. Here's a look: Pretty little face Rare bird Vampirekitty Crazy cyberpunk kitty Our pick: Reasons? Clean, simple and plenty of potential.

What we learned

1. You can breed them, yes two kittens make a baby kitten - a process called 'siring'. 2. Siring your kitten will earn you ether. You can put your kitten on the market 3. You can collect them - there are many generations, so as new kittens enter the blockchain, the older generations will become rarer. 4. You can sell them... Just like cryptocurrencies, you can buy and sell them. Or sell the baby kittens you've bred 5. Buying and selling kittens requires Ethereum

The experiment

7 Wirex marketing team members sent some ether into a new MetaMask wallet (a digital Ethereum wallet integrated with cryptokitties). We put our order through andwaited... and then wewaited... and then we saw... and then wetweeted... The next morning it was still stuck in the ether. So we tried again... and then again... We got this a couple of times. We gave up... No immortal kittens for the Wirex team. Were you able to get any cryptokitties? Tell us about your experience below and share with us some pics of yourkitties! We hope you had better luck than us!