Employee Spotlight: Chien-Chien Chang

Region: Europe
Oct 27, 2021, 9:00:00 AM Published By Wirex Team

Wirex's Women in Crypto campaign is still in full swing, and the Rising Women in Crypto Power List is open until 29th October - so make sure to get any last minute nominations in before it's too late!

The crypto community is a huge part of Wirex and we love hearing from anyone who's keen to get involved, whether they're brand new to the space or a crypto veteran that's been following Wirex since the very beginning. This month, our employee spotlight is on Chien-Chien, who works closely with the Wirex community and is here to give us some insight on why it's so important.

How did you first get involved in the crypto space?

I first heard news about crypto around 2019, but at that time I only thought it was another kind of investment product. Next time I researched about crypto was the time I applied to the job role of CRM & Community specialist at Wirex. After doing some research, I noticed the blooming of crypto and blockchain and saw that the whole crypto space expanded so fast that it was something I should not miss. I feel excited that I can work in a promising industry in London. I would say that it was Wirex who brought me into the crypto world.

Why do you think more women should get involved in crypto?

As now crypto can be seen as not only an investing product, but also as a method of day-to-day payment, I think more women will start getting involved in crypto. Crypto might be seen to have higher risk than other financial product and that might scare some women from starting to invest in crypto. However, I believe as there are more women involved in the industry, they can help involve more women as users of this technology.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Wirex?

My favorite thing about working at Wirex is that it is very fast-paced. This affected me in both adding to my learnings and to my ability to cope with change. Since everything changes tremendously fast, you can always find new things to do and learn. One week you will learn about new regulations in some remote country, another week you will learn about newly released crypto in the blockchain. Secondly, you will realise there is a tremendous amount of change to cope with, so one week there will be a new challenge in one of our markets, only to be followed by another week where there is a new exciting launch. Working here really taught me important skills such as driving positive change in a fast-paced world.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

As a customer relationships management and community specialist, I like the fact that I can be close to customers and make a difference in their lives. Studying customer relationship management in my dissertation, I have always felt a deep passion for managing customer relationships. In Wirex, I have found, such passion is rewarded with opportunities. As a result of my role and passion, I manage many interactions with our customers such as community forums and email campaigns and that is something I cherish as I like to see our customers happier.