Faster Payments is back!

Region: Europe
Aug 18, 2022, 9:00:00 AM Published By Wirex Team

Everyone’s favourite top up method is officially back in action – Faster Payments is now live for UK customers!

That means you can once again enjoy instant transfers between your bank account and Wirex. You’ll find a brand-new account number and sort code waiting for you in the Wirex app, which you can use to add funds and receive payments from external bank accounts.

Need a reminder of everything Faster Payments can do?

  • Instant bank transfers – send and receive funds to and from your UK bank account in seconds. Use it to quickly and easily top up, get paid or send money to a pal.
  • Unique account details – use your very own account number and sort code to receive funds to your Wirex account.
  • High transaction limits – need to send a large amount? No problem – transfer up to £10,000 at a time with Faster Payments.
  • Zero fees – transferring funds via Faster Payments is not only speedy, secure and super-straightforward – it's completely free!
  • Competitive edge – here at Wirex, we like to offer our customers as many top up methods as possible. Plus, you won’t find many other companies offering Faster Payments as a way to add funds!
  • Ultimate control – Faster Payments puts you in charge of your money – instantly send, receive and add funds anytime, anywhere, for free.

Want to add funds from your bank account to Wirex? Here’s how:

  1. Select the account you want to add funds to.
  2. Tap Add funds.
  3. Select the external account you want to add funds from.
  4. You’ll then see your Account Number and Sort Code, which you’ll need in order to send funds to your Wirex account.
  5. Head over to your bank to complete the transaction – your funds will appear immediately!

Don't hesitate - add your funds now!