How to add funds to your Wirex account

Region: Europe
Feb 22, 2022, 3:00:00 PM Published By Wirex Team

At Wirex, we make buying, exchanging and transferring cryptocurrency simple, secure and super low-cost. There are two main ways to add funds to your crypto accounts. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry - we’re here to get you up to speed.

How to buy crypto with Wirex

Looking to expand your crypto portfolio? Good move!

Buying crypto with Wirex couldn’t be easier. You can simply use your credit or debit card to add funds to crypto accounts of your choice in the Wirex app.

To add funds to your account with a linked card, simply follow these steps:

  1. Select the currency account you want to add funds to.
  2. Tap Add Funds.
  3. Select your preferred card.
  4. Verify your linked card by entering the 4-digit code. This is found next to the transaction on your bank statement and should look something like this: WIREX0000.
  5. Enter the amount and confirm.

How to exchange crypto with Wirex

With so many leading cryptocurrencies on offer in the Wirex app, why pick just one?

Exchanging crypto with Wirex is straightforward and super-secure. You can switch up your currencies at the touch of a button (or two) in-app and make the most of our market-leading OTC rates while you’re at it.

Follow these simple steps to exchange your crypto in-app:

  1. Tap the Exchange icon on the dashboard.
  2. In Exchange from, select the source account.
  3. In To, select the target account. Enter the exchange amount. Click Max to calculate the maximum sum available for the transaction.
  4. Click Exchange, review your transaction details and click Confirm.