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How to become less crypto obsessed

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Apr 10, 2018, 7:45:07 AM Published By Wirex Team
Are you into crypto? Are you surrounded by people that just dont get you? Does every day feel like a struggle to integrate with Bitcoin unbelievers? Sound familiar? Dont worry youre not alone. But if youre fed up of friends and family telling you how worried they are about your obsession with make believe money; then follow our top tips to acting normal and youll soon fit right back in.

Tell your partner what they want to hear

Wed never suggest lying to your other half, but if theyve had enough of you checking Bitcoin prices first thing and last thing then just dont do it so obviously. Set the alarm, wake up extra early, check your portfolio, then take them breakfast in bed like it was the most natural thing to do. Last thing at night, do a once over around the house and check windows and doors are locked before turning in or at least, thats what you could say youre doing whos going to know youre actually making trades and checking prices? We wont tell

Know your whales from your large ocean living mammals

Most people arent in the know when it comes to crypto lingo. So, just remember that whilst you know a whale is someone who owns a tonne of cryptocurrency, to everyone else, a whale is justa whale. Same goes for these dual meaning words:
  • cold storage to most people that means a fridge freezer, rather than moving your crypto offline
  • fork to regular folk, its a pronged implement used for eating; not when blockchain splits in two
  • address everyone else uses this for snail mail; they probably dont mean your unique and secure alphanumeric identifier
  • mining remember, this refers to the process of extracting something from underground; not verifying transactions and creating the next block in the chain

Spend some regular money in shops that dont accept Bitcoin

Painful as it may be, acting normal means doing normal things like not basing your purchasing decisions solely on shops that accept cryptocurrency. You might even have to force yourself to go into an actual store with real-life staff and make a few transactions in old fashioned fiat.

Brush up on small talk

This doesnt mean enlightening company with fun facts about Bitcoin, discussing whether Bitcoin will ever be mainstream; or even talking about the tax implications of holding crypto What it does mean, is being enthusiastic about the weather and asking after peoples health. Our words to the wise repeat in the mirror: I must not talk about Bitcoin Alt-coins are out of the question HODL and stay strong

Dont take the bait

FUDsters are all around spreading their Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt but dont rise to the bait. The same goes if you hear someone else talk about cryptocurrency inaccurately bite your lip and smile politely. Losing your cool and delivering a lecture will only advance the belief that youve been brainwashed by the Cult of Cryptocurrency when everyone else is still worshipping at the Altar of Fiat.

Create a superhero persona

Give yourself some cover and make like Satoshi Nakamoto by creating an elusive moniker to use on crypto community forums. Think of it as Batman to your Bruce Wayne where the two never meet which means you can keep your alt(coin) ego and regular self, separate. We dont expect you to wear rubber or run around with a cape, but having a crypto-hero persona might help keep the Bitcoin bug at bay whilst youre in the company of normals.

To the moon

Of course, you know youll have the last laugh when your investment goes to the moon, but until then breathe deeply and stay strong. In the meantime, why not try out that superhero persona on our Wirex community forum, or find out more about our secure Bitcoin wallet and explore a whole new wealth of opportunity.