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How to get 100% free money transfers using Bitcoin (no Blockchain fee!)

Region: Europe
Dec 3, 2017, 10:42:30 AM Published By Wirex Team
Wirex makes your regular international money transfer 100% free! Bitcoin transfer fees are lower than banks but there is still a fee. With current network capacity extremely high, those fees are can be as much as $10. So unless youre sending thousands of dollars to someone internationally, that $10 can be quite a significant amount. Wirex provides our customers with off-chain bitcoin transfers. This means you can send and receive bitcoin from everyone within the Wirex community free from the blockchain fees. We don't charge anything on top of that, so it's free. (plus it's instant). Heres how it works:
  1. Get your family member or friend (whoever you send regular international money transfers to) to open their own Wirex account. Its free.
  2. Then use your own Wirex bitcoin wallet to send bitcoin to that persons Wirex bitcoin address.
Thats it.Zero transfer fees. The recipient can then choose to withdraw that bitcoin to an external wallet, or if they are in one of our currently supported countries that have access to the Wirex debit card, money can be converted into local currency like dollars, pounds or euro. It can also be withdrawn from ATMs or spent at the store just like any other Visa card. Take control of your finances. Enjoy the cryptocurrency revolution worldwide. Join the Wirex community today. Share your referral link with friends and family to benefit from zero fee instant money transfers worldwide.