Introducing the Non-Custodial Wirex Wallet

Region: Europe
Dec 14, 2021, 10:45:00 AM Published By Wirex Team

Introducing the cross-chain Wirex Wallet, a super-secure, non-custodial way to send, store and receive digital assets – and your key to unlocking the world of DeFi.

The Wirex Wallet is a brand-new app within the Wirex ecosystem, which you can download for free and start using in minutes. That’s right, there are no lengthy onboarding processes to contend with here.

What makes the Wirex Wallet different?

Wirex is always looking for ways to make digital currencies more accessible and we believe this Wallet is a world-first in making that a mainstream reality. We want to give crypto users access, flexibility and control over their holdings without worrying if their funds are safe, losing their private key, high gas fees or the need to spread their tokens across different apps and platforms.

You may have heard about high fees on the Ethereum blockchain and fragmented liquidity across different blockchains which can be a turnoff to potential DeFi users. As a result, the very people who could gain the most from DeFi end up being priced out of the opportunity.

Taking the best of Wirex’s existing infrastructure, the Wallet offers cross-chain compatibility across the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, with expansion to faster, cheaper Layer 2 networks in the pipeline. This interoperability will allow users to swap DeFi tokens across blockchains with unparalleled ease, and offer access to a wider pool of tokens, technologies and use cases within a single wallet.

Here’s what the Wirex Wallet has to offer

Stay Secure

  • Keep safe. Keyless entry, next-gen security.
  • Stop fraudsters in their tracks and ensure you’re the only one getting in thanks to advanced SMPC encryption.
  • Device gone missing? Don’t despair - your wallet can be recovered using biometric back-up.


  • Unlock high-yield DeFi earning power.
  • Access 25%+ APY interest with direct connection to AAVE and Compound.
  • Assume ultimate control of staking and rewards. Who said only high rollers can benefit from DeFi?

Swap cross-chain

  • Effortlessly swap DeFi tokens across different blockchains, directly from your Wirex Wallet.
  • Enjoy in-built support for multiple blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana* with more to come.
  • Losing out to high gas fees? Swap to a different blockchain to maximise earning potential with zero fuss.

Store and Send

  • Take complete control of your cryptocurrencies.
  • Manage more than 100 coins, including BTC, ETH, WXT and a huge range of ERC20 tokens.
  • Transfer your crypto to external wallets and Dapps with ease, or store it in your Wirex Wallet for peace of mind.

Access DApps and NFTs

  • Connect to DeFi web applications quickly and easily via Wallet Connect.
  • Explore DeFi/NFT* safely with sophisticated security and anti-fraud protection.
  • Enjoy a higher degree of protection than browser-based wallets.

The Wirex Wallet is now available to download from app stores.

*Coming Soon