Launch of 52 New Tokens

Region: Europe
Nov 17, 2022, 9:09:07 AM Published By Wirex Team

We’ve listed 52 new tokens on the Wirex app, which will be vital in giving our users the tools to easily access Web3. 

Why have we added new tokens? 

The additional 52 is our largest single release of tokens in one go. It brings the total number of cryptocurrencies to 130, as well as 13 traditional currencies.  

As the globe moves closer towards Web3, our Founder’s recognise the pivotal role that blockchain technology will play in realising a decentralised digital ecosystem. With Wirex's core mission being to bridge the gap between traditional and digital finances, each token was strategically chosen to give everyday users more choice to utilise the benefits of DeFi. 

Which tokens have we added? 

Some of the tokens featured include CAKE, BRZ, BBTC, GALA, IMX, YGG, PLA, RNDR, CHR, GMT and many more, and will be supported on various blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Avalanche, Tron, Algorand, Optimism, Polygon, Stellar, Cosmos and Near. Tokens will be available globally to customers in the Wirex app from today*. 

What can you do with the tokens? 

Users are able to buy, hold, exchange and sell these tokens, spend them using their crypto-enabled debit card  at over 90 million locations worldwide, and for every transaction made in-store or online, earn up to 8% Cryptoback™ rewards.  

How can you exchange crypto? 

Exchanging in-app couldn’t be easier. All you have to do: 

  1. Select a crypto account and tap Exchange.  
  2. In Exchange from, select your crypto of choice.  
  3. In Exchange to, select the currency you want to exchange to.  
  4. Enter your desired amount and tap Max to calculate the maximum sum available for the transaction.  
  5. Tap Exchange, review your transaction details and then tap Confirm. That’s it! 

The full list of tokens:

Token Ticker Token Name Blockchain
ACH Alchemy Ethereum
AMP AMP Token Ethereum
ANKR Ankr Ethereum
API3 API3 Oracles Ethereum
ATOM** Cosmos Token Cosmos
AUDIO Audius Token Solana, Ethereum
BAKE Bakery Swap (Bake Token) BSC
BICO Biconomy Token Ethereum
BRZ Brazilian Digital Token Solana, Polygon
BTC.B Bitcoin Avalanche Bridged Avalanche
C98 Coin98 Token BSC
CAKE Pancake Swap BSC
CELR Celer Token Ethereum
CHR Chromia Token Ethereum
CVC Civic Token Ethereum
CVX Convex Finance Ethereum
DAR Mines of Dalarnia Ethereum, BSC
dYdX dydx Ethereum
ENS Ethereum Name Service Ethereum
EUROC* Circl EUR Stable Coin Ethereum
EURS Stasis Euro Stable Coin Polygon
EVMOS*** Evmos Token (Cosmos EVM) EVMOS
FLUX Run on Flux Ethereum
GAL Galxe Ethereum
GALA Gala Token Ethereum
GHST Aavagotchi Polygon
GMT STEPN Solana, Ethereum, BSC
GNO Gnosis Ethereum
GUSD Gemini Stable Coin USD Ethereum
HOT Holo Chain Ethereum
HT Huobi Ethereum
ILV Illuvium Token Ethereum
IMX Immutable X Token Ethereum
JST Just Token Tron
LDO Lido Finance Ethereum
LPT Livepeer Token Ethereum
MAI (miMatic)* Mai Stablecoin USD Polygon
OCEAN Ocean Protocol Ethereum
PLA PlayDapp Ethereum
PYR* Vulan Forged PYR Polygon
RAY* Raydium Token Solana
REEF Reef Token Ethereum, BSC
RNDR Render Network Ethereum
ROSE Oasis Network Ethereum
RSR Reserve Rights Ethereum
SRM* Serum Token Solana
STG Stargate Ethereum
TAUD True Australian Dollar Stable Coin Ethereum
TGBP True British Pound Stable Coin Ethereum
TLM Alien Worlds Ethereum, BSC
TRU** TruFi Ethereum
TWT Trust Wallet BSC
USDC Circle USD Stable Coin Solana, Stellar
USDD Tron USD Dollar Coin Tron
USDT Tether USD Stable Coin Solana
WETH Binance Wrapped Ethereum BSC
Win WinkLink Token Tron
WOO Woo Network Ethereum, BSC
YGG Yield Guild Games Ethereum

* inward deposits only

** also new to Wirex Credit

n.b. some tokens and services may only be available in certain regions