Launching Wirex's First Global Brand Campaign with a New TV Ad

Region: Europe
Aug 3, 2020, 2:45:26 PM Published By Wirex Team

Just two weeks after becoming Mastercard’s first crypto-native principal member, we’re excited to announce that Wirex have launched our first global TV brand campaign. The TV ad solidifies our core message of empowering people to experience the benefits of a world where all currencies, crypto or fiat, are equal and accessible to all.

What does the ad include?

Already a proven leader in our space with more than 3 million registered customers, the ad demonstrates why Wirex is becoming the go-to payments platform for crypto and traditional currency transactions amongst people around the world. By showcasing our core product features, including the ability to seamlessly buy, exchange, hold and spend a wide range of traditional and cryptocurrencies using an intuitive mobile app, the campaign highlights our platform’s next-gen versatility and ease-of-use.

The global brand campaign has been developed and adapted locally to reflect Wirex’s rapidly-growing customer-base, given that we are active in more than 130 countries. The ad demonstrates how Wirex is “open to all”, as part of a strategy to target core-crypto users that are looking for an easy on-and off-boarding solution for managing cryptocurrency assets, as well as mainstream fintech fans seeking an alternative to slow and costly traditional payment channels. The campaign includes targeted versions of the adverts to connect and resonate with people across the globe and demonstrate the borderless nature of the product.

Since its inception in 2014, our founders Pavel Matveev and Dmitry Lazarichev’s vision for Wirex has always been to bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream. This began with the development of the world’s first cryptocurrency cashback scheme - Cryptoback™ rewards. This game-changing innovation gives users up to 1.5% back in bitcoin for purchases made in-store, automatically inviting everyone to experience the benefits of the digital economy.

The Next Step in Wirex's Global Expansion

Pavel Matveev, CEO and co-founder of Wirex, believes that this is a big step in Wirex’s growth. “Having recently gained international recognition following our announcement of a partnership with Mastercard, we are excited to further this reach by debuting our first global TV campaign. By communicating Wirex’s key benefits such as low fees, high limits and flexibility, we hope to continue growing our user base and demonstrate our vision of a digital economy that is accessible to everyone.” Given these recent achievements - and plans to release a revolutionary product update in the EEA region - Wirex is well-placed to finally realise their core aim of bridging the gap between traditional and crypto currencies. The global reach of the advert is an appropriate representation of our ambitions to expand into new territories, with launches in the US and Japan anticipated later this year.

Wirex’s global TV advert can be found on our YouTube channel here.