Match made in heaven - X-Accounts & Wirex Multiply Barbell Strategy

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Feb 14, 2023, 2:26:13 PM Published By Wirex Team
  • Apply the Barbell Strategy within Wirex to maximise your profits
  • This Valentine's Day, X-Accounts and Wirex Multiply are the perfect match for this

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the idea of couples might be at the forefront of your mind. But for Wirex customers using the Barbell Strategy, there’s a new perfect match in town between X-Accounts and Wirex Multiply

We spoke about the Barbell Strategy a few weeks ago in this post, but to summarise: 

The Barbell Strategy is an investment strategy that involves leaving the majority of one’s assets in safe, stable, and profitable investments while setting a smaller portion aside for riskier and potentially more profitable market actions. With this strategy, it’s easier to manage risk and protect your portfolio from massive loss. 

The 80:20 Principle 

There are many ways to manage your wealth effectively, but at Wirex, we recommend the 80:20 principle. This means around 80% of your assets are in less risky investments, and the other 20% in higher risk ones with the potential for greater rewards.  

A great way to apply this within the Wirex app is to keep 80% of your assets in passive income tool, X-Accounts, and the other 20% to open up Wirex Multiply’s. 

X-Accounts* allows you to earn up to 20% APR passive income on multiple traditional and cryptocurrencies, just for depositing your funds there. You have the ultimate control, meaning there’s no fees, low minimum deposit amounts, you can withdraw whenever you want, and can open up to 10 X-Accounts at once. 

Complementing X-Accounts, we have Wirex Multiply**, which is a feature offering multiple loans to predict market movements and earn high rewards. You can choose the parameters of the Multiply, including many loans within the chain, to increase the potential returns as well as the risk. It’s easy-to-use with no fees attached, and you can open or close your position at any point.  

And of course, it’s always important to diversify your assets, meaning you could put 80% in an USDT X-Account, and 20% in a BTC Multiply. 

How can I apply the Barbell Strategy within Wirex? 

Here’s an example of how you can start applying the 80:20 Barbell Strategy within Wirex if you set aside a total of $1000 for your investments***: 

  1. Add $1000 worth of funds to your Wirex account by bank transfer or linking your card 
  2. Exchange $400 of each of these assets from USD to Tether (USDT) and Bitcoin (BTC) 
  3. Under the ‘Grow’ tab, deposit each of these $400 worth of USDT and BTC into their respective X-Accounts where they will earn up to 16% APR 
  4. Take the remaining $200 to open Wirex Multiply positions in BTC and Avalanche (AVAX) 
  5. Set your Profit/Loss level (i.e. ‘low’ 175.34% potential profit, ‘medium’ 399.37% potential profit, ‘high’ 1276.9% potential profit) 
  6. Choose your Wirex Multiply direction (UP or DOWN) depending on the current market conditions 

So why not see how Multiply and X-Accounts are the perfect pair this Valentine’s Day, and try out the Barbell Strategy of investing with your portfolio today. Find out more about X-Accounts and Wirex Multiply here. 

* X-Accounts are made up of cryptocurrencies. Subject to the T&Cs and Privacy Policy 

** Crypto products, including  Wirex Multiply, can be risky for users. The value of your assets may significantly and lead to a total loss, and there may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions depending on your location. Please do your research thoroughly. Subject to location of the user, the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. 

*** n.b. user has an Ultimate Elite X-tras membership