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Region: Europe
Oct 28, 2020, 11:00:04 AM Published By Wirex Team

As part of Wirex’s ‘Women in Crypto’ Takeover, between the 26th October and the 8th November, we’ll be rolling out a series of brand new content produced by both the women working at Wirex, and female influencers in the fintech and crypto fields. They’ll be sharing some of their experiences and thoughts about fintech and crypto, and tips and hints for succeeding in the sector.

For many women in the field, an important part of supporting female advocacy initiatives is networking. There’s a tonne of groups out there already bringing together these women, such as the Women in Fintech Network, European Women Payments Network, or the Crypto Curry Club. By working together, helping and advising each other, this active and thriving community are using the power of their voice and social media to demonstrate why women are as capable, and if not more passionate, than men working in crypto. Therefore, it seemed like a no-brainer for us women at Wirex to reach out to some of these incredible women and have them contribute to our campaign.

By showcasing these women and highlighting some of the incredible things that they’ve achieved in their careers, we want to demonstrate to other women that anyone can get involved in crypto.

We’ll be featuring content from many inspirational women, many of whom you might have heard of, including:

  • Ashley Koh, COO at Spark Systems
  • George Coxon, COO at the Nano Foundation
  • Erica Stanford, Founder of the Crypto Curry Club
  • Inna Tarpan, social media influencer and Co-Founder of Womenique
  • Myrtle Ramos, Founder of Block Tides and Business Director of Asia Token Fund
  • Ruth Wandhöfer, Fintech Global 50 Influencer and former Global Managing Director at Citi
  • Amelie Arras, Marketing, PR & Communications Consultant at Flytiful
  • Sarah Kok, Founder of the Women in Fintech Network

Watch the video below to find out more about these amazing women:

To view this video and written content, keep an eye on the ‘Women in Crypto hub’ on the Wirex website, our YouTube channel, and our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) over the next few weeks!