Meet the top 10 female NFT artists!

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Mar 8, 2022, 9:00:00 AM Published By Wirex Team

Happy International Women’s Day!

Here at Wirex, we’re big on gender equality in the crypto industry. In fact, you might have come across our annual Women in Crypto campaign, which focuses on achieving just that.

This International Women’s Day, we want to shine the light on some inspiring women achieving all sorts of unique and interesting things in the world of crypto. To kick things off, let’s meet the top 10 female NFT artists to look out for in 2022!

Blake Kathryn - United States

Designer Blake Katheryn’s dreamlike landscapes were already popular on social media before she decided to collaborate with Paris Hilton on a collection of NFTs last April. The piece that garnered the most attention was a one-off called Iconic Crypto Queen, which sold at auction on Nifty Gateway for $1,111,211.

Paloma Rincón - Mexico

Photographer Paloma Rincón takes inspiration from her homeland to create bold, colourful still life images of Mexican summers, local cuisine and native plants. She sells her art on the Foundation marketplace and made as much as $3,922 for a recent piece.

Anna Zhilyaeva - France

Immersive artist Anna Zhilyaeva fuses real and virtual art in the form of live performances and mixed reality video, which can only be appreciated using VR devices. She performs all over the world and auctions the videos of her performances on the SuperRare platform, often for around the $30,000 mark.

Jenisu - Japan

Digital illustrator Jenisu uses her art to create a more vibrant version of reality. Her works are inspired by technology, architecture and vintage aesthetics, and feature distinctive colours and detailed outlines.

Gala Mirissa - Spain

Motion graphic artist Gala Mirissa combines graphic art with animation to create moving images that look and feel alive. She was a finalist for Technical Innovation in the 2018 Visual Artists Awards in Miami and was shortlisted for Women in Multimedia Art at the Women Cinemakers International Biennial.

Maalavidaa - France

Abstract digital artist Alycia Rainaud, aka Maalavidaa, creates digital art that explores the complexity of emotion. Her works use a distinctive highly saturated aesthetic and take inspiration from Jungian therapy, colour therapy and meditation.

Krista Kim - Canada

Toronto-based artist Krista Kim is the founder of the Techism movement, which explores the convergence of art with technological innovation. Last year, she sold the first ever “digital home” in the NFT world for $500,000, which she created with the game engine software Unreal Engine by Epic Games.

Diana Coatu - Romania

Digital artist Diana Coatu creates art that aims to reveal the “holofractographic” nature of the universe and represent journeys to different dimensions, archetypes and quantic dimensions. Her works transpose the viewer through the quality of light and the purity of colour.

Baeige - Canada

Self-taught artist Baeige creates works that take inspiration from her personal emotions and reflect her appreciation for architecture, surrealist landscapes and interior design. A piece called Ocean Growth she made on the day she decided to quit her conventional job sold for $28,000 last year.

Smeccea - Canada

Motion designer Smeccia creates 3D animations that examine abstract ideas, spirituality and personal discovery. She’s gained popularity on TikTok for streaming her art-creating process and offering tips to other budding artists.


This International Women’s Day, we’re planning to #BreakTheBias by celebrating women of the Metaverse!

Throughout March, we’ll be turning the spotlight on a selection of female creatives who are making a difference in the crypto industry, so stay tuned as we get some exclusive insight into the Metaverse.