Mothers in Crypto: How to Maintain a Work/Life Balance

Region: Europe
Oct 6, 2022, 8:57:30 AM Published By Wirex Team

Becoming a parent is an exciting chapter in any woman’s life, but there’s a lot to consider when adjusting to this new lifestyle. With more and more women working full-time jobs, it can be difficult for them to work at the same pace as before because of new responsibilities, but we’re here to help!

We’ve collected tips from our female colleagues who are currently balancing their job working in crypto and parenting. Check them out!

Talk to your employer

Reach out to your employer to discuss the possibility of making your schedule more flexible and suggest alternative solutions that fit around you. For instance, you could complete a trial task (it can be anything you usually do at work) to reassure your employer that it won’t affect your productivity.

Wirex has undertaken a benchmarking exercise and introduced several new family and work-life policies which will see the company increasing paid annual leave well above the industry average, as well as enhanced maternity and paternity leave policies.

Keep everything organised

To-do lists will help you to estimate a scope of errands needed to be done over a particular period of time, let's say, a week. Align them with your calendar to keep everything on track. To avoid the morning rush, try to get everything prepared the night before - school and work bags, clothes, ideas for breakfast etc.

Turn off work notifications

Give your family the attention they need - turn off your notifications to avoid checking your work emails on weekends. It will help maintain your work/life balance and start a new week fresh and ready to go.

Find a backup babysitter

Life is unpredictable so it's better to have someone who’ll be there to help out and babysit your toddler in case of an emergency. Reach out to your family members or friends - they might support you. If not, you can search for babysitters online or via apps and find the one that your kids will love!

Take care of yourself

No matter how busy your working schedule might be - try to have some 'me-time' every week. It can be anything that helps you relax and wind-down - a weekend yoga class, catching up with friends, shopping, spa etc. Remember, you can't be fully productive at work if you're emotionally and physically drained

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