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New & improved verification process for Wirex users

Region: Europe
Jan 29, 2018, 12:00:04 PM Published By Wirex Team
The new Wirex customer verification process is now easier and faster. We took a serious look at some of the changes needed to improve the experience for our customers. On the surface, it may look like a minor change however the biggest changes are in the background. This new update means improved verification times and a simpler process for users. It also means future product releases for our new accounts, cards and crypto exchange will be easier to roll out globally. Account verification is at the heart of our product technology. And we've just made a major upgrade.

Why is verification so important?

The regulatory environment requires us to do something calledKYC verification(Know Your Customer). It exists to help protect our customer community from fraud and money laundering. Our new and improved verification process will be made available in more countries than ever before. A complete list of countries will be made available soon.

If you're already verified

If you currently have a verified account with Wirex, you won't have to do anything for the time being. If you've previously submitted your documentation, there's a high chance your documents have already been reviewed. Due to the number of users in the backlog, we weren't able to get through all of them before the migration (we're really sorry). As such, you may need to re-submit verification documents. You can check the status of your review on your dashboard, by logging in to your account.

Getting Verified

It often sounds scarier than it actually is. At the crux, we just need to see that you are who you say you are by seeing avalid proof of ID and proof of address. These are then reviewed and verified to ensure they meet regulatory requirements. And then it's done.