New to Wirex Credit: borrow against your WXT!

Region: Europe
Aug 4, 2022, 10:00:00 AM Published By Wirex Team

Have you heard? Our newly-launched borrowing tool, Wirex Credit, lets you instantly take out a credit line against your crypto, so there’s no need to stop HODLing.

Haven’t given it a go yet? It's the perfect time – you can now borrow against your WXT as well as your BTC and ETH!

Here’s what you’ll get if you choose to use your WXT as collateral:

  • Borrow up to 30% of the value of your WXT.
  • Pay just 10% APR – interest is calculated daily, so you’ll only pay for the days you have an open credit line.
  • Take out a Wirex Credit line in Nereus’s fully-collateralised stablecoin, NXUSD!

Don’t sell your WXT, borrow against it today to free up some funds! / WXT is Wirex’s native multiblockchain token that lets customers unlock exclusive crypto rewards and access a whole world of DeFi. Don’t hold any? Get your hands on some today by making a fee-free exchange.

Need convincing? Here are four reasons why you should take out a Wirex Credit line today:

1. You’ll receive your funds instantly

Taking out a Wirex Credit line involves zero waiting around – your funds will be released instantly, so you can exchange or spend them straightaway.

2. You’ll get full control and maximum flexibility

We designed Wirex Credit to be as flexible as possible - do whatever you like with your stablecoins, only pay interest for the days you have a live credit line and repay it whenever you like.

3. You can forget credit checks and fees

No one has time for drawn-out credit and affordability checks. With Wirex Credit, you can forget them entirely – there are no requirements to fulfil and it won’t have any impact on your credit score. Plus, we don’t charge any set up fees!

4. You’ll pay 0% APR*

Depending on your currency, you can pay as little as 0% interest* when you take out a Wirex Credit line. You won’t find rates like those elsewhere!

Borrow now!

*0% APR available on NXUSD only. Limited time only.