NFT Artist Spotlight: AnaNFT

Region: Europe
Mar 17, 2022, 11:00:00 AM Published By Wirex Team

We're back with the third instalment of our NFT artist spotlight, and today we've got some exclusive insights from AnaNFT. Ana is a self-taught artist and an NFT creative from Spain, with her community, WoMeNFT, being centred around educating and empowering women within the metaverse, as well as helping them find financial independence through NFTs.

Do you have any tips for those who are just getting started in the industry?

  • First, be patient, constant and don’t feel overwhelmed with all you have in front of you. Take little steps, each day.
  • Learn about crypto, blockchain and marketplaces. Having a good knowledge about the financial and technical parts of the industry is beneficial.
  • Develop your own style, don't copy someone else's ideas, people want to see who you are and what your art represents.
  • Connect with other artist, projects and remember that network is important in this community.
  • Learn to say no and go with projects and people that suit you. You will receive a lot of DMs and propositions, don’t waste your time and energy in things that you are not passionate about.
  • Learn what generative Profile Picture (PFP) projects vs 1/1 artist are:

Decide if you want to create a generative PFP collection or a 1/1. They are different worlds despite all being NFTs. PFP as per their name are profile creatives, most popular are CryptoPunks which were the origin of PFP.

If you decide to create a collectible PFP, the first step is looking for a talented team to work with, people that you trust and you think are easy to work with. You must think of a collectible PFP project as a long-term enterprise, and you will have to work with really closely with this team for months or even years.

If you prefer going on your own and create your 1/1 collection, start with a little collection (6-10 pieces) at a low price (don’t over or under price your works, just see what another artist similar to you made). Create a good marketing strategy that fits with you and your goals. Sell out your pieces, and then create more and increase their price. Sell out, and start again.

Why did you decide to join the NFT community?

Before getting involved, I had no idea about crypto, web3 and NTFs. I had to learn everything about it from scratch; from digital art to learning about different cryptocurrencies, blockchains, marketplaces, minting and listing a piece etc. But I saw a huge opportunity, financial and professional, so I decide to learn as much as I could about the space.

How did you create WoMeNFT, and how is it tackling inequality in the NFT space?

My friend and co-founder of WoMeNFT, Chris, called me in September asking to create a few digital art pieces to have a go at selling them as NFTs. At that moment, I had no clue what an NFT was, so I dived in, conducting research and going down the rabbit hole of vast information, but when I’ve emerged from it, I saw the lack of women-lead projects.

I believe that promoting financial independence for women is the best way to fight against discrimination and inequality. And that's why I’m passionate about introducing more women into crypto, web3 and NFTs. I think that tech, art, and particularly NFT are giving access to all women an opportunity to create financial independence.

Each woman can contribute, as an artist, a collector or simply being part of this community, learning and sharing with others. We, as women and friends, can make this Web3 world more accessible to everyone.