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Pavel Presents: will Blockchain transform your business?

Region: Europe
Nov 17, 2017, 2:30:50 PM Published By Wirex Team
Earlier last month, our CEO Pavel Matveev presented at PayExpo Europe - UKs largest payment event. He shares his expertise on the current state of blockchain technology and its rapid adoption across different industries. Pavel highlights the changing economic landscape and what this means for regulation. He also delves into ICOs, lightning network and the benefits of cryptocurrency for the payments industry. Watch the full presentation below with hisaccompanying slides. Also included in this video: @3:19 - Robert Courtneidge, Global Head of Cards & Payments shares his insights on Locke Lord, new investment of the 22nd-century tokens; fungibility, flexibility, and liquidity. @7:36 Mr. Jon Matonis, Founding Director Bitcoin Foundation VP explains How Bitcoin Becomes Money.