Q&A with Curve

Region: Europe
Aug 15, 2022, 9:00:00 AM Published By Wirex Team

Check out our exclusive Q&A with Keeva O'Donnell, who is Brand Copy Lead at Curve!

They’re a popular payment card aggregator combines all your payment cards into one, letting you spend with a single card and manage your payments in one smart app.

Curve simplifies your financial life and rewards your spending which is why we make a great team!

With Curve you can use your Wirex card via both Apple and Google Pay. Plus, it allows you to stack extra cashback on top of your regular Cryptoback™ rewards – as much as 9% in total!

Sounds exciting, right?

Find out more about our partner below, as we've got some cool and unique insights for you!

Who are Curve and what problem are you trying to solve?

We connect all your cards into one single card to supercharge your money with greater rewards, insights and control. We solve for fragmentation. As banking evolves, people don’t just have one bank account in their local branch anymore. They have credit cards, crypto cards, loyalty cards, digital bank accounts, Buy Now, Pay Later accounts. By bundling all of these components into one Curve ecosystem, we simplify your financial life and make your money work harder for you with every tap. Rather than see what you’ve spent on one card, see what you’ve spent across all your cards. Rather than getting  great FX rates on one card, get great rates on every card. Want to move a payment to a different card? You can do that. Want to split an old transaction into instalments and pay later? You can do that, too – Curve puts you in control.

What makes Curve different from other payment cards?

Well, Curve is not an alternative to any other card. It’s one card to rule them all. We supercharge the cards you have already. Like, you might not have Apple Pay or Google Pay support with one of your cards. Link that card to Curve and Hey Presto – you can pay with your phone now. Or maybe you’d like to use your credit card abroad but the fees are too high. Hook that card up to Curve and you eliminate those fees. Curve makes all your cards work better, together.

Why is convenience so important with payments today?

People don’t just want convenience today, they expect it. Technology has spoiled us with convenience. We sigh when our Uber is more than 5 minutes away, you know? But the technological innovations that have made finance more convenient have ironically created a new kind of inconvenience. We’re juggling too many cards, we’re checking too many banking apps – our money is all over the place. Curve allows you to not only pay faster with just one card to carry and one pin to remember, it also gives you a 360° picture of your finances in one place. Once the world realises how convenient it is to pay through Curve, they will look back at having a wallet full of cards the same we look at having a shelf full of CDs.

How did the partnership with Wirex evolve?

As a crypto-friendly digital wallet, Curve are a natural partner for Wirex. Curve enables Wirex customers to manage their Wirex card and their FIAT cards in one place. As well as unlocking Apple Pay and Google Pay support so they can pay with their Wirex card straight from their phone. We struck up a partnership because we wanted to introduce Wirex customers to these benefits while simultaneously introducing Curve customers to a card that made a lot of sense in their Wallet – especially after seeing the enthusiasm for Crypto Rewards, which we launched recently.

Why are you excited to partner with Wirex?

For one, we’re committed to bringing crypto to the masses and we see this partnership as another small step towards pushing that revolution forward. Also, we’re just really excited to demonstrate the value of Curve to a brand new audience. With Curve, Wirex customers will be able to pay faster and safer from their phones for the first time. They will be able to keep an eye on all their cards in one place, earn even more rewards and just have more control over their money, full stop. That’s exciting for everyone involved!

How do you think Curve are helping people access the benefits of crypto?

We make it really easy to use your crypto alongside FIAT, by linking all your credit cards, debit cards and crypto cards in one place. We’ve also recently launched Crypto Rewards, which allows our premium customers to earn their cashback in crypto. For Curve Black and Curve Metal customers, that 1% cashback at their choice of 3 or 6 retailers, which can quickly add up! On top of that, we have cashback offers from top brands of up to 20%. This isn’t just good news for the crypto-obsessed. It creates a safe pathway for the crypto-curious to dip their toes and experience the world of crypto without the kind of risk that might have dissuaded them before. They’re essentially playing with free money.

What’s one interesting fact about Curve that we might know?

It has a very different meaning in Poland and Romania! It translates as… how do we put this… a derogatory term for a sex worker. We’ve understandably had a few requests to change the name from customers in both countries!