Q&A with Tori Zero

Region: Europe
May 27, 2022, 9:00:00 AM Published By Wirex Team

Last week we unveiled the exciting news that Wirex users can now store NFTs in the non-custodial Wirex Wallet! As part of this launch, we pattnered with metaverse NFT project Tori Zero which recently released the first NFT collection that utilises motion capture technologies. Today, we've got a bit more insight on the Tori Zero project and how NFTs are helping to build the metaverse.

How has the popularity of NFTs changed over the past year?

There are thousands of NFT projects launched over the past year and many well-known brands started to step into this area. NFT develops from a term that only few people know to one that you can see everywhere. It is very nice to see that more diversification has been applied to NFT projects, rather than only a picture itself. Many projects start to explore more than what they have created, such as utility to their holders or integration with the Metaverse.

What makes the Tori Zero project different from other NFTs?

Tori Zero is quite unique in the way it benefits both holders and business partners. The core mechanism we implement is a weekly mystery box, in which there are whitelists or NFTs from partners, or fragments which are a token to purchase whitelists or physical co-branded projects. The probability of getting a certain type of whitelist is based on the holders’ transaction history and collection style. By introducing such a mechanism, our holders will enjoy a fast track to whitelists, and our partners can connect to their target collectors more accurately.

Also as a character-style NFT, Tori can help promote a brand in a more interactive way, such as wearing a dress, or holding a Wirex Card.

What benefits come with holding a Tori Zero NFT?

There are various benefits for holders of Tori Zero NFTs, including exclusive whitelist distribution, early access to our partners’ Metaverse, attending holders-only events and sharing our holders reward fund. In the future, as we add more benefits from both Web 2 and Web 3 collaborations into the Tori Zero project, there will be more to bring to our holders’ community.

Why should more people be excited about the metaverse?

Take Metaverse as a more interactive and more potential way to experience a whole new world. As more and more companies started to participate in the Metaverse, it gives us an opportunity to extend or change our lifestyle in another completely difference space.

Why are NFTs going to be a big part of the metaverse?

Assets are important in the Metaverse, in terms of authentication and verification of ownership and transaction. In the Metaverse it quires the record to be transparent and trackable. The nature of NFT provides the possibility to structure the framework.

Why is Tori Zero excited to partner with Wirex?

We believe that Wirex has the same vision as Tori Zero in terms of bridging Web 2 and Web 3. Wirex does a perfect job to balance the use of cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies, and also allows millions of users to smoothly spend and exchange them in seconds. Tori Zero aims to show more people what Web 3 is and how it may reflect in our physical world, and we bring Web 3 projects into real life. It is great to share the vision and work in the same direction.

Where do you hope Tori Zero will be in the next year or so?

We hope more people joined Web 3 and Metaverse through Tori Zero, and more have enjoyed real life gathering from our communities. In other words, we hope when more people are experiencing the change of life because of Web 3, Tori Zero is the one who introduces them there.